Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Magical Sleeping Blanket

I've found the secret to get Killian to sleep very soundly. Well, actually, swaddling is no secret, but I've just discovered the technique that works. Killian has never enjoyed sleeping flat on his back, like most newborns, as they are used to being curled up in the fetal position for the past 9 months. The past few weeks, he's slept the best being semi-upright nestled in his bouncy seat or sleeping on my chest as I lay semi-upright in bed. I had tried swaddling him with receiving blankets and putting him in his bassinet, but within minutes he would start doing "the running man" (aka the Hammer dance) as Mike calls it and kick out of his blanket.

I finally remembered I had bought a Kiddopotamus "Swaddle Me" from my neighbor. It accomplishes the same as swaddling with blankets, but it keeps the wrap in place with velcro. And it is the best invention ever. I wrapped him up that evening and he immediately became so calm and peaceful. That night around 10pm when he was starting to get sleepy after feeding, I wrapped him up again, laid him down in the bassinett and... he slept until 4am! He went from sleeping 2-3 hours to almost 6 in a row!

The problem is now that I have gotten used to waking up every few hours, so I am yet to sleep 5 consecutive hours. I wake up, check on him, am amazed that he is still sleeping, and then go back to sleep. It is truely a magical blanket. Or it is laced with depressants. Killian and I love it very much.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Time

July 18, 2009

The Economous visited Saturday night. They were in town at Friendly's celebrating Luke coming in 1st place in his swim meet. Go Luke!

Beth brought a present for Killian. She drew this picture from one of the first pictures I took of Killian smiling. Isn't this amazing?

Julie practiced her swaddling technique on Dad. Although it doesn't take much technique to get Dad to sleep like a baby!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Killian: Chillin' Like a Villian

I have been inspired by Gillian's blog and our friends Kyoko and Todd's Immi 2.0, documenting their adorable daughter, for a long time now and last night I made a pact with Carissa to start a blog with her. I have lots of catch-up posts to make and will try to make semi-entertaining posts on a somewhat frequent basis ;)

Last night Carissa came over (or "Pretty Aunt Rissa" as Killian calls her) and we hung out at Birkdale Village and then visited Dave Uptown. This was Killian's second trip to Uptown, where he got lots of attention from the people who lived in the Uptown condo, who you could tell did not see little babies often.

I forgot to take a picture of the evening last night , so here is a picture of Killian and Carissa from another visit. You can tell how entertained by her he is!