Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 Months Old

Killian is 5 and a half months old now! (I am a little late in writing his monthly birthday post.)

My baby is getting so big!

The day before his actual birthday, Killian decided he would finally roll over for the first time. He was doing tummy time and was trying to reach for his toys. He was trying so hard to reach, that he toppled over. He did it three times in a row, and I caught him in action.

Just about to reach that left arm up...

And there he goes:

He had to get this rolling over business out of the way, so he could move onto bigger and better things. Pretty much the very next day, he began to sit up unassisted! He loves to sit on his playmat with his toys.

The day of his actual birthday (11/12), we actually went out to celebrate Pretty Aunt Rissa's birthday too. He's wearing mommy's favorite bear outfit.

Thanksgiving Week

This past week we enjoyed visiting with Mike's Mom, Donna, and Richard.

Killian and his Oma
If you ever see reddish hints in Killian's hair, now you know where he got that from!

This week we were treated to the most magnificent dinners by Oma. Here is my favorite salmon recipe ever: cilantro lime salmon.

Richard found his place in the kitchen too. Richard solved two electrical problems in our kitchen that have plagued us for years. Since we moved in, we could never run the microwave while pre-heating the oven because both appliances shared the same circuit (over loaded circuits = dangerous!). And for the past 2 years, 3 of the electrical sockets in our kitchen mysteriously stopped working. I'm not sure exactly what he did, but he spent about a day and a half behind our oven looking like he was diffusing a bomb, and now everything works! We are extremely grateful!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Boy Bath!

Now that Killian is sitting up (yes, I know, when did that happen?!), it is a good time for him to graduate from his infant tub to a "big boy" tub so he can enjoy bath time more. His big boy tub a tiny little inflatable pool that sits in a regular tub. He loves it! He loves trying to grab the water coming out of the faucet and splashing around.

Monday, November 9, 2009


The "the Gerber baby has nothing on me" face.

"Who me?"

"I so sleepy..."

"It's ok, my hands are organic."

"Say 'what' again."


"Look at my chubby cheeks."

The Edward Norton face.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Pretty Girls in Strange Places

One Drunk Baby

I love how Killian touches my face here as he talks to me. He reminds me of either a really drunk person ("Hey...Mom... I want to...tell you something....") or a really old man ("Heeeya, listen to my story...")

This drunken babbling continued for another 2 hours. He conversed with his bears for awhile before finally passing out in our bed.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Chili Recipe Ever: Bacon and No Beans

The secret to this chili is BACON. Most people said they didn't notice it was in there until we pointed it out. Mike likes this recipe because it has no beans. I always thought sneaking kidney beans into chili was wrong. No beans also means that you are not paying for it the next day.

1 lb beef
1 package of bacon
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 small tomato
1 green and orange pepper
12 oz salsa
1 cup of frozen corn
1 tsp chili pepper
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes with green chilies

Brown the beef, adding the onions, green and orange pepper, garlic, and bacon. Drain the fat. Pour into slow cooker. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook it on high for an hour or two. Done!

Serve with Jiffy's cornmuffins!

And thank you to Tim Cheadle for showing me how to cut a pepper so the seeds don't go EVERYWHERE.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Can't go wrong with this easy recipe. Here it is:

1 box of yellow cake mix (and ingredients called for in mix: eggs, vegetable oil)
1 15-oz can of pumpkin pie mix
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
icing and candy corn

Follow the instructions for the cake mix (mixing 3 things together and pouring into a pan). INSTEAD of water, sub the pumpkin pie mix and spice. There you go!

The pumpkin pie mix makes the cupcakes really moist and flavorful. Rich, but not cocky.