Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

I was thrilled this year we had a White Christmas in North Carolina. It started snowing Christmas Day and didn't stop until the next day and we had 5-6 inches (in Mooresville). Killian loved playing in the snow the first time.







What a difference from last Christmas when Killian wasn't even crawling yet, and would just sit contentedly wherever you placed him! He's a bit more "interactive" this year :)






We didn't have any issues this year with Killian messing with the Christmas tree. He knows if he wants to touch anything on the tree to use his "gentle touch."  Killian was so sweet with Grandpa's dog, Patrick.


Killian actually wasn't that interested in opening presents Christmas morning. He was excited about his existing toys... and cleaning. Cleaning is very exciting. I love how Aunt Gay observed his obsession with cleaning and said, "It must be a Montessori thing."


The one present Killian was interested in was the family calendar. Here he is trying to steal it from Great-Grandpa. He must have thought it was a book.

Later in the week, Killian did enjoy opening Grandpa and Marci's presents. I think the pretty gold bow and shiny wrapping paper enticed him.


He was very happy to find Elmo inside of the box.



Sunday, December 19, 2010

Play-doh and Blocks

Mike is so much better at creative arts and craft-type play than I am.  When I play play-doh with Killian, I'm like, "Look, I made a snake! ... Oh, look, I made another snake!" When Mike plays with Killian, he comes up with things like rotating octagons. In the picture below, he's cheating though and using some toys to make different shapes.

Below they are also playing with "bristle blocks" which I had as a kid too. Killian has just recently started to enjoy playing with different kinds of blocks and legos. For the longest time, he was only interested in knocking down stacks of blocks, but now he enjoys stacking and clicking pieces together.

When we went to Discovery Place yesterday, he came across a man and a boy who had stacked lincoln log-type blocks maybe 5 feet in the air. When he saw this, he let out a loud, "WOW!!!" I found it very interesting that of all the fascinating things to see at Discovery Place, that stack of blocks impressed him the most. He recognized that it was special and out of the ordinary.





1st Snow of the Season








Monday, December 13, 2010

Now, don't tell me I've nothing to do.

Today was the kind of day I've been looking forward to having this holiday season. A day where I don't leave the house, wear my pj's all day, read a lot of books in bed (even if they were all to Killian), and there is Christmas music and baking.

Killian wasn't feeling well today, so I stayed home with him. He didn't have a fever and besides a runny nose, had no other symptoms except he slept a whole lot and was lethargic (not in his usual run-around-the-house-and-tear-it-up mode). I feel bad for enjoying the day so much because he was obviously under the weather, but he was just so peaceful and chill the entire day! Most of this waking hours, he just wanted to sit in my lap and read. I thought, wow, maybe this is what it's like to have a girl toddler... or a really cute, snuggly cat.

In the evening, we were reading a new book. A bear is having a picnic and in his basket was a sandwich, a drink, a cupcake... All of a sudden Killian JUMPS out of bed and runs to the front door. I haven't seen him move that fast all day. When I get to the door, he's pulling on the handle. I'm very confused. "Where do you want to go? It's night time." I'm trying to figure out what made him want to leave and where he wants to go. Then I remember the last word I said. Cupcake. He wants to go to the only place he's ever had a cupcake. School. When it was someone's birthday and their parents brought in cupcakes. "Do you want to go to school?" Ferocious nod. I couldn't believe he remembered he had a cupcake at school and he figured that's where he could go to get one again!

So of course, Dad volunteered to make cupcakes for Killian. This is a boring video, but it's a moment I'd like to remember. Killian is casually dancing to Christmas music (Elvis Holiday Pandora station is where it's at), eating a bagel, and watching Dad make cupcakes. A very calm and peaceful end to a calm and peaceful day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

18 Months: Letter to Killian

My sweet little boy, you've had a good month.

You have said "Mom, Mom, Mom!" with such great enthusiasm and happiness for awhile now, but it had been a few months since you said, "Dad." When we asked you to say "Dad" you would say "Mom Mom Mom" instead with a twinkle in your eye. Of course, I love it, but your dad was really hoping you'd say his name soon too. You finally did this month, making your dad very happy.

This month you've started signing for "Quiet" (putting your finger to the tip of your nose) when we read certain books that mention "quiet" or when you see a picture of someone sleeping. You like to sign for "cold" at any opportunity, like when we open the refrigerator door or when you drink a cold glass of milk.

You've added the words "bat" and "fish" to your vocabulary.

I love how in the morning you are still my cuddlebunny. At night, you usually need your space to fall asleep. You like to have me or your dad nearby you in bed, but you sometimes need to roll or thrash around a little bit before drifting off to sleep. But in the mornings, you love to lay in bed for awhile after you wake up and cuddle. You're very content to hang out in bed and look out the window, sometimes watching the sun rise. You like to watch the steam come out of the buildings and watch the birds in the sky.

This month I have started to talk to you about your little brother, the baby in mom's belly. His arrival isn't for another 3 months, so we don't talk about it too much yet and I'm not sure how much you understand. For a long time now at bedtime, I have told you the story of how you were once a little baby in mommy's belly. "And you used to come with me everywhere I went... And one day when you were big enough, I said, 'Ok, Killian, it's time to come out now, so I can kiss you, and hug you, and hold you!' And then I went to the hospital and the doctor helped get you out of my belly. And then I got to hold you and look into your eyes and sing to you." Then I finish off the story by singing the song I sang to you when I held you the first time (the song I sang to you most in utero), "Cutie Pie." And if you've listened that far, you have usually fallen asleep by that point!

I am looking forward to watching you become a big brother, Killian. The other day we were at a toy store and you were pushing a baby doll around in a shopping cart. At one point you stopped to re-adjust the baby and you kissed her on the head. You are such a sweet soul and I know you will make a great big brother.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evil Laugh

You can tell by his laugh, Killian thinks he's doing something very evil with that spatula.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

What a great Thanksgiving!

We kicked off the day with a Turkey Trot (8k). It was so great to see so many members of my family running it together! I hope this becomes an annual tradition.

Thank you to Dave and Aunt Beth who came to cheer everyone on and help me watch Killian while I *tried* to snap some pictures of people as they neared the finish line. Dave ran a "short" 6 miles that morning from his house to meet us there and arrived looking like he had just leisurely gotten out of bed a few minutes ago! Showoff! :-)

Mike's feeling pretty good as he's about to cross the finish line!

John was so fast, I missed him running right by me. He called my name as he went running past me and I caught this blurry shot of him waving.

It was both Mike and John's first race. Congrats guys!

The rest of the day was filled with good company and good food, of course. And so here are some pictures of a cute baby eating!

Killian loves hummus so much, he just eats it with a spoon.


Killian whets his appetite for Thanksgiving dinner with a little chocolate ice cream.

That's a happy toddler.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Photo Outtakes

For some reason it was much more difficult taking holiday photos this year with a 17-month old than it was last year with a 5-month old. We didn't get a good family shot, because the only way Killian would smile was if one of us was behind the camera making him smile. But we did get nice shots of each of us with him and enough good photos for a Christmas card. Enjoy the outtakes :)

Mom and Dad look pretty good... Killian's not smiling.

Somebody apparently just took Killian's candy.


This bores me.

Great, Killian's finally smiling in a family photo. So of course, Mike is making a goofy face.

How did the hair on the back of his head get so messy!

We sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Killian to make him smile and he decided to sing along too.

Finally. Everybody's smiling. And everyone, including Mr. Reindeer, looks completely goofy. This is actually one of my favorites!

All the photos are here.