Saturday, January 30, 2010

Series: Why We Are Moving: Poetic Illustration #2

By Mike:

Expressed through Haiku:

These cold floors chill bones,
and also the hearts of tots.
Yea, give me free heat.

Expressed through Limerick:

Every time the wind blows,
I have a bad dream where Killian froze.
These old panes are insufficient,
and not at all energy efficient,
so we'll move to a place with new windows.

Expressed through Prose:

Our house was built in the late 1980's (that's the 1900's for you young folks) and is on a concrete slab foundation. This means the floors on the first level get COLD - as cold as the ground temperature (they won't stay as warm as long as they would if raised.) One of the nice things about living in a high-rise (concrete too!) condominium is there's someone living below and hence paying to heat the space underneath you.

An 80's house also means that our windows are *NOT* energy-efficient, and along with the outlets, let in a large amount of cold air.

One of the comparisons I did between our new condo and our current house was of the temperature along an exterior wall, on a window edge, and on the window itself. I used a wireless thermometer to get set of numbers for our house, and the condo. The difference between the wall & window for our house was probably 25+ degrees Fahrenheit, and on the actual edge of the window you could see it dip down to the external air temperature! (~30 degrees recently!). The condo was built 2 years ago after energy efficiency had become more popular in the real estate market. The difference between the wall & window in the condo was maybe 8 degrees Fahrenheit, with the edge of the window showing no drop!

So we're looking forward to running the heat less - having less utitlity bills and less dry air pumping through the house!


More and More Mobile ...

Killian is becoming more and more mobile these days. He's timed it just right as we soon only have to worry about baby-proofing 1000 square feet, as opposed to 2600 with stairs.

He's pulling himself up to a kneeling position pretty frequently. I read a mom's blog who has a daughter who is about a month older than Killian. I find it interesting to see what her baby's up to as a sort of preview of what I might be in for the next month. I remember reading not too long ago how her baby was crawling and how it really caught her off guard. She turned her back for a second and her baby was underneath the couch!

Well, Killian isn't crawling just yet (he'll dive forward and maybe get about 2 steps at a time), but he's a master roller and his latest hobby is escaping the 4' x 3' play area we have set up in the den. And what do you know... today, I turned my back for a second and he was trying to get underneath the couch!

Here is a video of him pulling himself up to his little pony (and then spanking the pony?). The music for this toy sounds exactly like Sonic the Hedgehog by the way.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Series: Why We Are Moving: Poetic Illustration #1

Expressed through Haiku:

My baby turns a
Normal commute into the
Pacific Ocean

Literal Translation:
When we moved to Charlotte, we were coming from the DC area where my 45 minute train ride to work was considered an enviable commute. We didn't think twice about moving to Huntersville - only 12 miles outside of Uptown.

Our perspective has changed. With my new job, I drive 30 miles each way. An 8-9 hour workday plus commuting makes my time away from my baby simply unbearable.

Driving home from work every day, I feel as if the stretch of 77 between me and my baby is the ocean that I must traverse.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving Update

Quick update:

1. My Family
I am extremely grateful to my parents who have been so supportive in this process! All of our nice furniture and items that are sentimental or we'd like to keep "in the family" my parents have been gracious enough to store or "borrow" for us. It's a great arrangement for us both because there are quite a few items that will go to better use at their house - like the piano. Julie can now start piano lessons!

This weekend we took everything out of the attic and most of it went to my parents house. A lot of it was building blocks and pipeworks that they just got out of their house last year to give to us to store for when Killian is older. I couldn't help but notice we were loading the same stuff they gave us not too long ago back into their house. They certainly had a right to grumble about it or make comments about taking it all back, but they didn't!

Of course there has been casual ribbing as usual about how crazy we are! But overall my parents understanding and supportive attitude has made this whole process much easier.

Grandpa visited the other weekend and my mom and him came with us to the condo to take measurements. Here we are hanging out on the terrace on the 7th floor where the pool is.


View from the deck on a gray January afternoon:

Here I am pointing out to Grandpa where Killian's day care will be in the building next door. I can't wait for him to start there! (That's a whole separate blog post about the new day care.)

It is going to take me a long time to get used to seeing Killian close to these windows!

2. Renters
So, yes, we did find renters for our house. A nice family with 3 boys, ages 8, 5, and 10 months. We decided to use a property management company because the cost was relatively low, especially if you consider the worst case scenario and having to deal with an eviction process. So they are handling the background check and signing of the lease, etc.

They need our house sooner than our new place will be ready for us, so we are spending a few days with Aunt Pat the week of 2/8 and are looking forward to that!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Mechanic

Lately Killian has been flipping all of his big toys over to inspect them. Mike and I marveled yesterday at how he flipped the car over and grabbed his monkey toy (little monkey wrench) and started banging away at the underside of the car like he knew what he was doing. He is very serious about it.

Today I caught him flipping another toy over and going after the little black box (where the batteries go). It's like he knows where the engine is! 

"I see what the problem is here. You need batteries to make beeping sounds!"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 7 Months Killian: Memories from the Last Month

Helping Mom Do Laundry


Cheering on the Roller Derby Girls

A Light Brunch & Snuzzle

Killian Opens First Present

Sweet! A new toy! It's a box!

Oh, you want me to do something with this box?

How does this work? Let me do some inspecting here.

Oh, I think I've figured it out...


I've got it!

Yes, presents are delicious!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breakfast Sandwiches

I really miss blogging! We are now officially in the process of moving, so things will be a bit crazy the next month or so. I plan to post some "baby's first Christmas" pictures soon. Amidst the craziness, Mike still makes trying new recipes a priority. Here was breakfast (and will become leftover snacks the rest of the week) this morning:

Recipe coming soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

In the Words of Ice Cube... Gotta Say It Was a Good Day

In my last post, I was hesitantly questioning what good things might come from my new job in Ballantyne. Today was my first day and here are a few things that made me happy:

1. This building has a "wellness room" too. Not only is the wellness room closer to my desk (on my floor, instead of another building), it is much nicer than the last one with a comfy sofa and little kitchenette.

2. People! People, period. I see people when I go to work! When I would go to the office during my last contract, there would rarely be people around and when there were, they mostly kept to themselves. People in my group are friendly (asked me to lunch and to show me around) and I can joke around with them.

3. Lastly, turns out one major change the new job has prompted is us starting the process of moving to Uptown! I'll have to write a whole post on the reasons we want to move Uptown, but one of the kickers for me was having an extra hour a day to spend with my baby instead of sitting in my car.

More to come...