Thursday, February 25, 2010

8 Months Old: Baby on the Loose!

Little late again writing the birthday post, but it's been a busy month! On the day of Killian's birthday (2/12), we signed the lease actually to our new place.

The big news in Killian's development this month is that he is now officially crawling. I think it's adorable.

Here is some footage:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sushi Picnic

It was a warm, sunny day (wish we had more of these) and we had a sushi picnic lunch at Freedom Park. And Ruson's gave us free dessert to-go for having a cute baby! We really enjoyed the sun and fresh air, and Killian loved looking at dogs and tried to crawl after them.

1st Weekend Uptown

We are have been enjoying our first week in the new place, especially now that unpacking and organizing is about 75% complete.

Friday afternoon it was actually somewhat warm out, so after work, I picked up Killian and headed immediately to a neighborhood park. This was the only picture I took. Killian looks like a young rapper here, straight out of 8 mile. Actually I thought it was funny my first experience at a urban park with other little kids and families seemed familiar to me and I wasn't sure why (as it was the first time) and then I realized... it reminded me of Sesame Street. It was something about a children's play area admist the backdrop of an urban setting. I was half expecting to see Big Bird walk around the corner.

Yesterday Mike had to take apart a coffee table we decided we couldn't keep and of course Killian was fascinated by the shiny tools. He thought because he was wearing overalls that meant he could play with the tools. Sorry Killian.

Today is supposed to be warm - in the 60's - so we're looking forward to getting outside!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We've been having some sleeping issues lately with Killian (how he falls asleep, how he stays asleep, and what comforts him when he wakes up at night) has all changed recently. I think it's probably a combination of factors including "it's just a stage" he's going through right now. So tonight when I laid him down and he immediately grabbed and hugged Mr. Rabbitt and contentently fell asleep a few moments later, I was very happy. Mr. Rabbitt was a gift from Aunt Tricia and Patrick when we were still in the hospital after Killian's birth.

The past couple weeks he doesn't even like being held or nursed to sleep at night. My usual instinct the moment he gets fussy at night is to nurse, but what he really seems to like to do now when he's tired is to have some space to roll around in until he passes out. This is him on Pat's den floor last week. Think he has a little Economou gene in him...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Series: Why We Are Moving: Poetic Illustration #3

By Mike:

Expressed Through Haiku, Haiku, and Acrostic Poetry, respectively:

Infinite Fall leaves.
Summer grass mowed ev'ry week.
It's a lot like work.

Gutters need cleaning.
Remember to get new mulch!
The crack of a whip.

M-ulch for the garden
A-phid spray for the flowers
I-nspect the termite traps
N-evermind the unfinished projects
T-rim the bushes
E-dge the yard by the pavement
N-ail loose subfloor down
A-pply deck stain
N-otify the cable company when you cut your own line with a pick-axe
C-lean, clean, clean!
E-mpty the leaf-vacuum bag

Expressed Through Prose:

Work! It takes a lot of work to keep up with a 20-year old 2600 square-foot house, on more than a quarter acre covered by large trees. We're looking forward to taking advantage of the many parks and green-ways surrounding the uptown area.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As an addendum to this post, I'd like to illustrate Killian's mobility. We were packing up last night in the bonus room and I set up a little play area for Killian. I literally turned my back for a second and when I turned around he had somehow moved from a sitting position on his playmat to being attached to a storage bin a foot away. Of course, when there's adult stuff around he wants nothing to do with his toys. He's trying to grab some wires at the bottom of the bin actually. You can see my face in the picture says "Really, Killian?" Big surprise coming from two nerdy parents, he already has a strong attraction to wires, calculators and laptops.