Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Time






He could strike at any moment.

Playing Superbaby!




Daddy assesses the situation.




Swinging with Uncle John

I'm open!

Roll it in a ball!

Bunny ears? Really, Julie?

And last, but not least...

Parenting Fail

No joke, this was what was sitting on the high chair at my parents house last weekend when I went to use it: a hot glue gun, nail polish remover, tiny choking hazard-sized candies and beads, and skewers.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Killian Tries Bread

Alright. How bad could it be?


What have I done?

Dude. Weak.

Splish Splash

Today was a chilly, gray day, so it was the perfect day to finally make it to the Y's indoor, heated pool. Killian had a blast. I could barely keep my eyes open with all of his splashing.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Boobies

I've been noticing more emphasis lately on "public awareness" of breastfeeding to help bring it into the mainstream. I've even seen some parenting blogs *gasp* showing pictures of it! Well I guess I will add to the awareness too. (But don't expect to see any pictures here!)

Today another breast pump motor has died. Yes, my boobs have outlasted 2 breast pumps.

I had hoped to practice "child-led" weaning, meaning I'll stop when Killian loses interest.(And I was hoping he'd lose interest naturally sometime before he was 2! Maybe conveniently around his 1st birthday (as pediatricians recommend breastfeeding for the first year).

This setback, along with my increasingly stronger desire to not spend a portion of my lunch break sitting in a windowless "wellness room" is making me wonder if I can keep it up for at the full year I had originally intended to. Only two and a half more months to Killian's first birthday. I'm hoping that if I stop pumping during the day, that I won't lose my milk supply completely and I'll still be able to nurse him in the morning and at night.I'm looking forward to being free and untethered from the pump, but I (surprised as I am to say this) would really miss breastfeeding if I stopped now!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laugh of the Day

I had a lot of work come my way late this afternoon. It was later in the day, but not quite quitting time yet, so I explained to my boss why it would make sense for me to re-locate home then and finish up from home (half as much time spent in traffic, etc).

I gave my reasons and he just waves at me and says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah... this is what I just heard. I'm bored right now with this work, I'm out of yogurt and granola bars, I want to go home, have a snack and relax for a few minutes before I go pick up the baby. ... Get out of here!"

Hilarious! How could he know me so well already? And I was actually out of granola bars!

Wordless Wednesday: Uncle John & Daddy Submit to a Killian Attack








Friday, March 19, 2010

Killian's First Happy Hour!

Happy Hour, Indeed.

We were out for a walk enjoying springtime in the air and came across McCormick and Schmick's Happy Hour. $1.95 fish tacos!

Killian played nicely with his toys for a good portion of the meal. I think I see many happy hours in our future!

Killian Roundup: Week in Review

Killian is now "cruising" (walking while holding on to something). He "cruised" for the first time around his playpen at Papou's house last weekend.

Killian has his first buddy. Ashton is a 1-year old at Killian's daycare (and also lives in our building). The two hang out with each other all day, "talk", and laugh at each other. It is so cute. I wonder what is happening between them when they look at each other and crack up laughing!

At his nine month check-up we talked to his pediatrician to see if we should be concerned at all that Killian hasn't moved beyond pureed baby food and has not taken to any sort of table food or foods of thicker consistency. She said we need not be concerned until his 1st birthday and he still hasn't taken to table food yet. Here we are giving some pasta a try. (We did break it into smaller pieces.) You'd think with everything Killian puts in his mouth, he could handle a little pasta or cereal, but nope, every food he tries brings forth a dramatic gag. One time he actually swallowed a few spoonfuls of avocado I mashed up for him, but it didn't stay down long. He likes to play with his food though!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Killian Celebrates His Irishness

Killian attended his first parade for St. Patrick's Day.


The highlight of the outing might have been this little boy running around in a skeleton sweatshirt... in a cemetery. Awesome.

Rollin' down the street. Sucking on pacies, readin' books about Papou.
Laid back. With his mind on his pacie, and his pacie on his mind. (That's just how he rolls.)

We then attempted to teach Killian more about his heritage by taking him to a pub, where we drank water and split a Cobb salad. You can't escape the danger!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pants on the Ground

Fun day! Killian attended his first parade (pictures coming soon) and we had fun at the Economou's. Killian loves when Julie sings this (he bounces) and all of her silliness.

9 Months Old: Turning into a little boy!

And now the serious birthday post...

These past few weeks, Killian seems to be less and less of a "baby" and more and more of a "little boy."

When I was pregnant, I learned in "infant massage" class that babies do not like light brushing of their skin (like back tickling). Apparently it feels like pin pricks to them. I had never heard this, but I thought it made sense. I don't know that I ever would have had a natural instinct to tickle a newborn's back. I don't know when exactly they outgrow this, but I do know that in the past month, it felt very natural to tickle and kiss Killian's back for the first time. Every time I do it, he seems mesmerized and immediately relaxes. This brought back a flood of wonderful memories of my dad kissing my back when I was very young (under 5) when he tucked me in to bed. I remember feeling mesmerized too :)

As he gets older, I am looking forward to establishing other bedtime routines.

The other aspect of his development that frankly still sometimes takes me aback and his understanding of words. He's understood "milk" for a long time and I've noticed he knows a few random words like "patty cake" based on how he responds to hearing the word. But it's still sinking in. For so many months, I have just been talking and talking away... and now I'm starting to see a response back! When I said, "Where's your doggy?" the other day, he looked around the room, spotted his doggy and then went over to pick him up!

Happy 9 Months Killian!

Somebody's having the best birthday ever!

Oh hello. You caught me pretending to be an 80's DJ. One of the many things I do as a baby.

Hey Ladies!

Letting loose.

Cute angelic smile.