Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mr. Big Boy

Killian has started feeding himself.

It started out of the blue, one afternoon last week. All of a sudden he REFUSED to let me spoon feed him. He was adamant about holding the spoon himself. He was very focused on dipping the spoon into his food. Not much ended up in his mouth, but it was a good start!

He's already making good progress getting the spoon (with food still on it!) into his mouth:

These days you can see him start to assert his independence and feel proud of his accomplishments (like when he walks from the elevator to our apartment door, about 50 feet).

Killian & Ashton

Killian really REALLY loves his buddy Ashton.

"Baby if you ever leave me..."


No, just kidding, their relationship is full of mutual respect...

and violence. Well, I believe it's called "rough housing" (tackling, pushing, pinning...)

Thankfully the boys have a softer side too. Here they are enjoying cooking in the kitchen together.

Familiar Smile

Resemblance Part II



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: I Heart the Duke Building (Snow Cone Edition)

I am sad to read that the seemingly random light shows the new Duke building puts on are only tests of what will eventually just be used to commemorate holidays and special events. So they won't continue on a regular basis :(

I know some people probably think it's "tacky." To them I say, whatever! I think it's whimsical and fun. Tonight I am enjoying its lavender lights.

Wordless Wednesday: The Lizard Catcher









Monday, May 24, 2010

Early Birthday Present

We visited my parents this weekend and Killian got an early first birthday present from them.

Ummm...I think he liked it.






P.S. I think the enthusiasm for being surrounded by balls runs in the family! (Me at Kings Dominion circa 1987?)

Killian Tries Salmon

Hey, what's that orange stuff on Killian's chin? Oh, it's salmon and sweet potatoes!

Yes, Killian tried and liked! adult salmon and sweet potatoes, not from a baby food jar, but from mom and dad's leftovers. He made a face when he first tried it, but then ate a good amount. This really excites me, and I'm excited for him to eat more of our cooking.

In the past week or two, Killian has started pointing at items of interest. He has also started to wave hello and bye-bye!

Posing as a monkey stuck in a tree.

Still trying to figure out "cup" technology...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

11 Months Old

This month Killian loves to:

  • practice walking like a zombie:

  • cuddle with his stuffed animals (and jump on & lay on top of them)

  • chase people around and play the "I'm going to get you" game

  • check out water fountains


  • climb into his tub to play


  • make music

  •  and hug his daddy!

This is Killian's last "birthday" as a "baby" - he will be a toddler next month!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stuff White People Say

There is Stuff White People Like, and there is also Stuff White People Say.

We can't just state the obvious, you know. We have to "couch in terms." Let me illustrate.

Our family's current sleeping arrangement is our mattress on the floor of our bedroom with Killian's mattress right next to it.

But when I describe our sleeping arrangements to someone, do I ever just say, "Our baby sleeps on the floor?"

Heavens, no.

Can you imagine the looks I'd get if I said my baby sleeps on a mattress on a floor?

So instead I say, "We have transitioned to a floor bed." Then I add knowingly, "It's a Montessori concept."

This explanation tends to go over better with people. Just add "It's a Montessori concept" and they'll say "Oooooo," think it's interesting, and not want to call social services.

The mattress on the floor concept evolved naturally. We had Killian in a co-sleeper (basically a crib attached to the bed), which we loved and it made it easier for us all when Killian woke up for night-time feedings. I wish I had discovered this concept before we tried the crib-in-other-bedroom concept, which didn't work out so well.

But once Kililan could pull himself up, he could no longer sleep safely in the co-sleeper, which attached to our bed frame, was a few feet off the ground.

We went back to the crib/playpen approach, but when Killian woke up in the middle of the night, he always ended back in bed with us. And Mike usually then ended up on the sofa :(

So recently we gave up on even putting him to sleep in the crib. We got rid of our bed frame, put our mattress directly on the floor, and his mattress next to ours.

Around the time this evolved naturally, I was reading this Montessori book for babies & toddlers (which is awesome and I definitely recommend!), and I was excited that it had a name - a "floor bed!" - and a philosophy behind it.

Killian LOVES the floor bed. Our bedroom is now much safer for him without the sharp corners of the bed frame. He can safely crawl on and off our bed. When he awakens at night, he doesn't cry like he would when he was separated from us. He will either cry softly or just crawl right into bed next to me. Sometimes when he's done nursing, he returns voluntarily back to his floor bed! And occasionally, at bedtime, he will just crawl directly onto his bed, hug his doggy and go to sleep, without any help from me. It would be nice if that happened more frequently - usually there is a lot more writhing and wrestling "song and dance" involved with getting him to sleep though.

Oh - and we are getting a king mattress any day now, so that when all three of us do end up in bed together in the early mornings, we can be much more comfortable.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quiet Contentedness

Killian developed a fever yesterday afternoon and although the fever was gone this morning, I stayed home with him today. It's strange, but I do enjoy it when he's slightly under the weather because he likes to cuddle more. Nowadays he doesn't usually sit so peacefully on my lap for long periods of time like he did this evening.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Weekend for Killian

This past weekend was a big one for Killian!

He got to see lots of relatives at Amie's surprise 50th birthday party. Killian is dancing to the amazing video Aunt Irene made for my mom that we were all watching.


Killian has started to take his first steps! His default mode of transport is still crawling, but this weekend was the first time he has taken several steps all at once - maybe 8 or so in a row?

And the other big news is that Killian has warmed up to table food! Apparently the cookie Amie gave him last week was a gateway food, because that has lead Killian to want to experiment with other foods.
Here we are back at the same restaurant where we were a month ago, trying the same slice of bread, but this time Killian is enjoying it!


He has been enjoying crackers, granola bars, baby cereal, apples, and plums so far.

Yum yum yum...