Saturday, July 31, 2010



Killian is going to be a big brother! Baby No. 2 is on the way!

I'm 8 weeks now and due March 11th.

I am about 5 weeks pregnant in this shot. I'm showing much sooner than I did with Killian!

I was paranoid that because I'm showing so much sooner that there could be 2 of them in there, but the sonogram this week revealed only 1! And a healthy heartbeat :)

I remember there were a few days in my last pregnancy between when I found out I was pregnant and before the "morning" sickness kicked in, I was worried that I didn't "feel" pregnant (didn't have any nausea like my mom did). HA! This time I just cherished those few days of being pregnant without "feeling" pregnant, and sure enough, just after the 6-week mark, the nausea started. BUT it hasn't been as bad as it was with Killian. I'm doing acupuncture now too, which seems to be helping.

For whatever reason, I didn't take many pregnancy pictures when I was pregnant with Killian, but this time I'm looking forward to having more fun with it and documenting the baby bump :)

We will be able to find out the sex in September, but I've noticed I've already started thinking of this one as "she." We'll see if my intuition is right!

Monday, July 26, 2010


This weekend Aunt Julie and Uncle Luke spent the night and Killian had so much fun with them!

Mike took Julie and Luke to Discovery Place:

Such sweeties!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Gonna Need a Montage

We are going to be moving to a different unit in the TradeMark! The new unit will be facing a different direction and I will have to say goodbye to my view of the Duke Building. Good-bye sexy friend. I will see you from the pool deck.







Sunday, July 18, 2010

13 Months



I wasn't sure if I was going to continue to post for Killian's "month" birthdays after the big 1-year mark, but I suppose it's a good time for me to describe what he's been up to recently.

There's been a dearth of blogging lately because there seems to be a lot going on right now. We have been keeping busy looking for a new place to live, since our lease is up next month and Killian really needs his own room! (Hopefully there will be an update on that soon!)

This month Killian has really improved his dismount; i.e., after he climbs on top of something (the couch, a structure at the park, steps), he has figured out how to get back down in a safe manner (most of the time).

His language development hasn't changed much over the last month or so. His favorite word is "Uh-oh!" We also hear "Wow" said softly and with awe several times a day. His latest word is "par" for park. He signs consistently for "bath" with an accompanying "baaa...." sound and sometimes signs for "milk." And he waves and says "bye bye." (That counts as a sign right?) He loves all neon lights (like the Bud Light signs at bars) and calls them all "blue?"

His words seem to come and go. There was a period where he said and signed "cook" all the time, but we haven't heard this in awhile.

I think this is a common thing with kids. Once they get something down, they get a little bored with it and take a break from it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hooray for me!

Killian had so much fun with Tim and Faye yesterday! We are so happy they are in town now!

Last night was the first time I have seen Killian clap for himself. He was playing the "put the ball in Tim's cup" game and found it quite entertaining!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Water Play Thursdays

On Thursdays Killian's daycare has "water play" and they sent us some pictures this week. Killian really loves the duckie fountain.




Thursday, July 1, 2010

Freestyle Baby Walking Cart

This morning Killian demonstrated what he thinks will be the next big extreme sport, Freestyle Baby Walking Cart.

The One-Handed Self-Push:

Crouching Tiger Hidden Paci:

The One-Legged Lean-n-Scoot: