Saturday, August 28, 2010

12 Weeks!


Faye & Tim Baby Shower!

Only a few more weeks before little Peanut arrives! Hooray!

Killian woke up from his nap to find a party going on and.... balloons!

The look of love and awe. He stood at the entrance to the living room for a few minutes just taking in the sight of balloons.


Look at these three cuties!

More pictures here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Going to Call You Daddy...

...said the lady suggestively to my husband.

I have been enjoying hearing stories lately of how women have been interacting with Mike when he is out and about with Killian. This confirms my notion that men will hit on women despite the fact they have a kid, but women are more likely to engage with (flirt perhaps?) with men because they have a kid.

So I basically don't leave the house right now. The heat exacerbates my nausea and I feel pretty queasy and weak most of the time, so the past few weeks, Mike has taken Killian on lots of outings solo.

This particular incident I reference took place at a coffee shop. Mike ordered a drink, and the barista asked for his name. Mike very uncreatively replied, "Mike" (sometimes he says "Tyrone"), and the barista replied, "No. I'm going to call you... Daddy!" Well, ok then.

(Also funny to me is the stuff women can get away with saying to a man, but a man could never say to a woman without being totally creepy. If a dude had told me, "I'm going to call you Mommy!"... um, well that would be different.)

Mike has also gotten invites from women drinking at bars to "come join us!" "C'mon, the baby's asleep!" Mike has never gotten invites to join a group of women drinking when it was just him walking down the street - sans baby.

So fellas, if you want to draw attention to yourself from the ladies, find a baby.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Killian's Culinary Pursuits

One of Killian's favorite activities is cooking.

We both get a kick out of the fact that at 14 months he knows what a "spatula" and a "ladle" are.

He's cooking up some ABC's here and honing his spatula technique.

This morning Killian invented yogurt-dipped pancakes. He covered his entire pancake in his yogurt (and ate it!), which actually didn't look like too bad of an idea.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Check-in"


I love how babies/toddlers will be busy, busy, busy playing, but every so often, they will come "check-in" with you for a moment or two to be still and to re-charge, and then get busy playing again. This picture is a few months old (from May) and Killian still does this when he plays. I don't know when they outgrow this, so I wanted to document it, so I don't forget!

In other news, Killian is now weaned! My boobies are on vacation until March! Weaning was easier than I anticipated. A few months ago, I couldn't imagine how weaning could be possible - Killian still really liked to nurse at certain times. He could be very persistent. I finally had the resolve to cut out the night-time/early morning nursing sessions when I became pregnant. I'm going to be losing enough sleep with the baby, and I don't want my toddler to be keeping me up too! So, thanks to Mike's help, we weaned him from wanting me at night. Mike began intercepting him before he could climb into bed with us and used distract-a-baby techniques, such as taking him outside on the balcony for a few minutes to rock him back to sleep. After a week or so of not nursing at night, one day he just stopped wanting to nurse altogether! When he comes home from school, he just wants to play with me, and when I put him to bed, he's just happy to just have me lay next to him. He seems to have forgotten about it completely. I love it. It seems much healthier overall for him to not to need something so intensely for comfort.

Friday, August 13, 2010

That's Entertainment

Typical day in the Walker household these days: I lay in bed. A pile of crap has accumulated on the floor. Killian entertains himself (and us) by pretending like he's going to hand us something, then at the last minute, yanking it out of our hands. Then I inadvertently mock my son.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

14 Months: I've Got Something to Say!

Hmmmm...what's new this month with Killian? Oh, yes...temper tantrums!

My little man has opinions. He gets frustrated sometimes when he doesn't get what he wants or when something (usually inanimate objects) aren't co-operating with him. If you hand him something that he does not want, he doesn't just refuse to take the object. Instead, he'll take it from you, just so that he can fling it across the room. While he's wailing of course.

I don't know if it's this recent un-angelic behavior or the fact that I'm in the most difficult part of my pregnancy (for me - the first trimester) and need to remind myself that there will be a cute new little one in our lives soon, but I've found myself reminiscing lately about Killian's baby days.

He was such a happy baby who loved to laugh and spend his free time cooing and staring into people's eyes. We could take him out to dinner and eat an entire meal in peace, and we could take him to people's houses and he would sit nicely on his baby blanket and not get into any trouble!

I'm not really longing to go back to those days. Of course, I am enjoying each phase of Killian's development and watching him grow and turn into a little man!

Perhaps I am just shocked that all this growing up happened so fast! I am going to make a conscious effort to enjoy each present stage (for both Killian and no. 2) because it all seems so fleeting in retrospect!

So reminiscing of past cuteness...


And enjoying present day cuteness!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Names

I have a soft spot for names that have popularity trend's like this one. Names that belong to old (or dead) ladies. When I was pregnant with Killian and before it was confirmed that he was indeed a boy, my sister Tina told me she took a walk through a graveyard and thought of me because she saw so many names she knew I would like. This is actually the graph for the girl's name we think we've settled on. I feel comfortable posting this because I doubt anyone could (or would spend the time) to reverse engineer this search!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ikea Trip

We went to Ikea last weekend to pick up a few new little toys for Killian, and as always, we had a blast.

Killian especially loved this room set up for a little girl.

I'm sure it was because the room had a kitchen!

Doing dishes:

We picked up a tunnel for Killian. It's one of those things we'll keep packed away for rainy days - when he's bored or just needs a little something extra for entertainment.

Boring Stories Told Dramatically - Part Deux

Continued from Boring Stories Told Dramatically - Part Une

I was out of my element the rest of the day. I had to call my spouse sheepishly and tell him what I had done. I was without access to my personal e-mail the rest of the work day. My ties were cut to my personal space. I felt isolated and alone. I drove home in an anxious state. If there was an emergency, how would I handle it with no cell phone? When I was stuck at a red light, my hands ached to be handling my phone.

We had to make a decision. Should we pay $200 for another iPhone 3? Or pay $300 to upgrade to the iPhone 4, which inevitably we would want anyway. We chose to the iPhone 4. Mike would receive the iPhone 4, and I would take his current iPhone. Why did Mike get the new phone? Because you shouldn't incentivize careless behavior. I drop my phone in the toilet = Mike gets a new phone.

We walked to the nearby AT&T store after work, and placed the order. 10 business days until it arrived. What was I to do in the meantime? I couldn't continue driving to and from work without a cell phone.

We had to buy a $20 temporary phone. I think I may have even owned this phone at one point - probably ten years ago.

Oh the agony of a 90's cell phone. I couldn't even figure out how to read text messages, let alone text. I had to call someone to ask them what they had texted me. Pathetic.

Mike did the gracious thing and after a day or two, he took the temporary cell phone and let me have his iPhone. Or maybe he got tired of me calling him at work and asking him to check my personal e-mail for me to see what I had missed during the day. (To be fair, we were in the middle of a lot of "house jibba jabba" and I didn't want to wait until the end of the day to get caught up on everything.)

After ten long business days, the new iPhone arrived and order has been restored to our household.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Putting Vegetables in Strange Places

Big surprise - Killian is not a fan of veggies. Pureed, yes, but in regular form, no. So we still give him pureed veggies, but we also sneak it in other ways.

Mike found a yummy recipe for zucchini pancakes. Killian loves watching Mike cook and he loves to eat them too!



Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boring Stories Told Dramatically - Part Une

I always thought it would never happen to me. That sort of thing happened to other girls. Irresponsible...careless...mindless...or just lacking a general sense of self-awareness. I couldn't relate. That kind of cavalier attitude and reckless behavior just invited accidents to happen. So obviously it could never happen to me.

The day started out just like any other. Except I did not wear pants. I went to work. I spent the morning as I normally do and at some point, picked up my cell phone. For whatever reason, I thought my phone should remain close to me instead of nestled away in my purse. But alas - no pants pockets today - so I stuck my phone in the waistband of my skirt. I then went about my business.

I did not become aware of my phone's presence again until it was too late. Mid-morning I took a bathroom break. As I began to lower myself onto the toilet, I heard a plop. No. It couldn't be! How did it get into the bathroom with me? How could this happen to me! It was the cursed pocketless skirt.

My iPhone was ruined. I had done what I had scoffed at so many others for doing - I dropped my phone in the toilet.

To be continued...

The Most Beautiful Gray Day Ever

We've been having the worst heat wave these past couple days. My brother in Northern Virginia said one day he checked the weather and it was hotter where he was than it was in Baghdad at the moment. Mike took my siblings to the Rainforest Exhibit at Discovery Place last weekend, and it was hotter outside than it was in the f***ing rainforest.

My acupuncturist was talking about how hard it is for pregnant women right now in the heat, and I made a comment about how glad I am that "I won't be pregnant in the heat of the summer." Then there was a pause and I realized (duh!) that I am pregnant in the middle of the summer! Just because I don't have a watermelon stomach yet, doesn't mean that the heat isn't extra sucky for me. Normally the heat doesn't bother me, but I think now it has been exacerbating my nausea and fatigue. Just even a few minutes outside leaves me completely drained.

So that is why today, with no hint of sun and a high in the mid-70's, is the most beautiful, glorious day!


If this heat wave strikes again, I think I'm going to be looking for cheap airfare to Portland or San Francisco for a weekend getaway!