Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Killian the Barista

One of Killian's favorite activities is to make pretend coffee by himself and make real coffee with Mike.

Cormac's First Week

Cormac has had a great first week home from the hospital! At 8 days old, he weighed 8 lb 14 oz. He has re-gained and surpassed his birth weight, which means he is eating very well! His cord fell off at 7 days old, which is a little early, but his doctor said that's a sign of strong immunity.

He continues to be very peaceful and easy-going. Sometimes when he's content in my arms after a good feeding, he'll give me big smiles. They say those are just "gas smiles" until their about a month old, but I swear he's showing his happiness!

He is a pretty sound sleeper, so we don't have to worry about tiptoeing around him, and Killian can bang pots and pans a few feet away from sleeping Cormac and not disturb him. And much to my delight, he has just started to sleep one 4-hour stretch at night!

Cormac has been called my "Greek baby." With his dark hair and olive skin (his skin is even darker than mine), he definitely looks more like an Economou baby. But I see resemblance to Mike in his facial features, especially his lips (see below).


Cormac had his first (non-sponge) bath today.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am so glad these two have each other :)

Bubbles on the Pool Deck

Spring is here! Killian has had an obsession with blowing bubbles, so we all went out to the pool deck for a few minutes last night to blow some bubbles. I love the colors in this (cell phone) photo at dusk. It's also been too long since I've posted a picture of the Duke building :)

Welcome Cormac Michael!

We are happy to announce the arrival of Cormac Michael Walker.

Born March 18, 2011
8 lb, 4 oz
21.5 inches


Cormac came into this world easily and without complications with just three pushes from Mom. Amie's prediction was true - Cormac is tall, dark, and handsome!


So far his likes include being held, lying on Mom's chest, and drinking lots and lots of milk.

He has gotten to meet and spend some time with some members of his family.







Every day he is opening his eyes more and taking in more of the world around him.




The past few days with Cormac have been very peaceful. We can't wait to learn more about him!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

21 Months: Letter to Killian

Happy 21 months, Killian!

Your dad has dubbed this the month of the "word party." You've had an explosion of new words (mainly nouns) this month. For some multi-syllable words, you just repeat the first syllable twice. So button becomes "butt butt." You have been adding "s" for plural and possessive words: "Mom's, Dad's, mine's." You have even got me saying "waters." Oops. You wave at people and tell them to go "awaaaaay" if they are standing nearby you or about to pick you up or move you. You are usually doing something you shouldn't be doing when you tell us to go away. It's your way of saying, "Nothing to see here. Move along please."

Your favorite word by far has been "dunk!" At Freedom Park one day, we watched the ducks dunk their heads in the water and I told you they were going "dunk!" This word caught on like wildfire with you! If we pass any water, you immediately yell out "ducks?!" hoping there are ducks nearby.

This month you have been in love with bubbles and you still love helping us cook. We hear "Mix!" and "Salt!" often. (We let you pour salt into a mixing bowl and mix that since it's the cheapest ingredient we have in the kitchen!)

Papou taught you how to stick out your tongue and blow and we think it's funny you now associate this new trick with him. We were driving today and we heard you blowing spit bubbles in the backseat and then we heard "Pa-pou." ("Papou" is always said with a dramatic pause between the two syllables.)

Some time ago I got in the habit of saying "Who did that burp?" after someone burped. Now without me even asking, you always exclaim the culprit's name after you hear a burp. And if you are the culprit, you just smile sheepishly.





Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duct Tape & a Yoga Mat

Did you know that you can transform into a Super Hero with duct tape alone?


And all you need is duct tape and a yoga mat to make armor.


A yoga mat also can transform into a ball chute.


The Super Hero supervises the making of coffee.


Date Mornings

Baby #2 is due in two days! The past couple weeks I've been trying to squeeze in as much quality time as possible with each of the Walker boys.

Thanks to Grandma Maggie (and Groupon & LivingSocial deals), Mike and I have been enjoying some nice dinners out the past couple weeks.

Since January, I've been working part-time, and as of March, I'm down to just 3 hours a week, which will continue for a couple of weeks after the baby is born. So I have been enjoying extra Killian time during the day and we've been having "date mornings." Our typical morning out is picking out a muffin at Harris Teeter and then walking around the city. We run some errands, and interspersed between errands there are stops at parks, water fountains, or Discovery Place.

One of my favorite memories from one of these recent outings was stopping in Discovery Place. We entered the rainforest room and I let Killian run ahead as I got the stroller through the door. By the time I came around the corner he had already made it half-way across the rope bridge. There were three little girls (aged 4-5?) standing at the entrance to the bridge in panic mode screaming about "the baby!" that was on the rope bridge over the ravine! It was sweet of them to be so concerned, and I assured them he was ok.

Here are some other recent cell phone pictures:

The Hot Pot

Last night we took Killian to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. I thought with the scalding, hot metal pots in the middle of the table and the accompanying long, metal skewers, it'd be perfect for a toddler. Actually Killian has had an obsession with the word "dunk!" this past month, so I thought he would really enjoy dunking dessert dippings into the chocolate (under close supervision).  The evening out was a continuation of the "date day," "date night," "date morning" outings I've been having with Mike and Killian this past week - enjoying some quality time together out and about before Baby #2's arrival.

We only went for dessert. (I think the food is ridiculously overpriced, but a small bowl of chocolate is reasonable.)


Killian is asking for more brownie!