Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life moves pretty fast.

If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.




Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mick at 3 Months


He’s not a newborn anymore! The past month Mick has been a super sweetheart. We’ve enjoyed watching him interact more with the world, and he’s still small enough to be my little snugglebunny. He still loves being held. Sometimes he fusses and I see if he wants to nurse, but he tells me no, he just wants to snuggle. (I'm not used to a baby turning down nursing. Killian never did, but I think that means I probably overfed him. Oops.) We recently discovered he likes the Snugli front carrier.

He seems to be trying very hard to sit up. When he's semi-reclined (in his carseat), he will pull his head up and contract his abs like he's trying to do a sit-up. He enjoys being in a seated position.

He is now starting to reach for and grab objects.

I sometimes see him studying Killian intently (I wonder what he makes of this little person) and grinning at him.

He is silent a lot, watching and listening to what’s around him, but if you engage him in conversation, he will open up and tell you his whole life story. Occasionally we will hear a little chuckle too.

I am so happy that he gets to spend so much time with Beth and my mom this summer. I'm pretty sure he's getting spoiled :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Killian!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy. The world has been a much brighter and happier place with you in it the past two years!





Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proud Parenting Moment: Killian & Movie Quotes

I knew being married to Mike Walker, it would eventually happen.

Mike and I haven't been too excited about the practice of TV watching, but after Cormac's arrival, we've relaxed our standards a bit. (I've also come to the conclusion that a little TV watching has absolutely no long-term or significant effect on a person.) When we're in need of some quiet time, we let Killian watch "Mr. Fox" (Fantastic Mr. Fox). (I really recommend the movie to other parents, because not only will your kid probably like it, but you won't mind having a Wes Anderson movie playing in the background.)

It started with Mike saying "o-kay" the same way the a character in the film does. Killian's eyes sparkled and he said, "Fox!" Not even two and Killian now understands nuanced one-word movie quotes. Proud parenting moment indeed.

One of his new favorite words from the movie is "wack-bat." And it's adorable to hear him try to say "Kristofferson."

Ask him sometime, “Are you cussing with me?” and he will laugh and say, “Fox.” Oh, that silly Fox.

Back to Work

My “maternity leave” is over; I’ve started a new full-time job. I wish I could continue to work just a few hours a week from home, as I have been the past few months, but that arrangement wasn’t exactly paying the bills. I will miss chillin’ at home with Mick in the middle of the day and our mommy and me naps. But I am SO happy that Aunt Beth (and my Mom sometimes too) will be watching him this summer. (He’ll start daycare next door with Killian in August.) I know Mick feels right at home with Beth’s calm and soothing demeanor. And I love that Beth sends me pictures of him smiling throughout the day!

Beth and Mick walked me to work the first day. My office is (literally) down the street. It’s a brisk 8-minute or a leisurely 10-minute walk door to door and I’m usually able to go home during the lunch hour.

And now for deep thoughts with Mary Walker... I am working in the same division I was working three years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with Killian. (The job ended soon after I found out I was pregnant.) It’s somewhat surreal to walk the same halls, see the same faces, and even wear some of the same clothes, but to be in such a “different place” myself personally. I’m reminded of what used to be on my mind as I walked those halls three years ago... and let’s just say life has changed quite a bit. When I left the office on my first day, it felt strange to turn left on Trade Street to walk home as opposed to turning right to walk to the parking lot to drive 12 miles home. (The walk home is just a few minutes longer than the walk to my car used to be!) But the best change of all is what I'm now going home to: my two kids.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011