Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My favorite part of the day... morning. I love waking up before everyone else and having some quiet time to myself. Then Mike cooks breakfast and Mick wakes up all smiley and gets to spend some one-on-one time with Mom and Dad. Then Killian starts to stir, and we all end up in bed again with him as he slowly wakes up. This is my favorite moment of the day: us all in bed hanging out, cuddling the boys, being silly, watching the sun rise, or if Killian has slept late, just looking at the sky, beginning a new day.

Today Killian pointed out the white "rainbow" in the sky. Mike said it was a contrail from a plane. I said it was a trail from a Care Bear car.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cormac at 6 Months


It's been half of a year already!

From this:

to this:

Mick has been doing a lot of growing up lately. Poor little guy has been under the weather the past couple days, so he's been uncomfortable with a cough, and it seems that he is teething too. This past week he developed "separation anxiety." He has realized that it is possible for me to leave him, and for the first time, he began to cry when I walked away from him at daycare. (Breaks my heart.)

He has just started eating, baby oatmeal cereal, and now some peas. I have not been able to feed him though. He eats well for the ladies at daycare and a little for Daddy once, but if I try, he looks at me like I'm crazy. Um, hello, did you forget how you feed me? Not like this.

He has loves to inspect everything he can get his hands on.

I get a kick out of how he falls asleep while playing all the time. I have seen him literally fall over while playing and just konk out, toys still in hand.

Mick, you're a sweetheart! Happy 6 Months. It's only going to get more fun!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

He was a good little boy, but always very curious.

I used to think the words "I love you, Mom" would be the best words I would ever hear out of my child's mouth, but it turns out after a busy day, they are actually, "I'm ready to go to sleep now."

My heart completely melted when a very tired Killian hugged me and said these words to me one night.

Killian has surprised and delighted us with new sentences and words this month. A few months ago, I started to pause and not say the last word of a sentence or line of a book I was reading to Killian. Killian would fill in the blanks for me. I was really surprised by how many words he knew.

This is... George.

George was a good little.... monkey, but always very... curious.

I love the Curious George books in particular because of all the great '50's lingo. He was so... delighted

Speaking of '50's lingo, I've been trying to bring it back. Killian is a sponge, so if you repeat something often enough around him, he'll start to say it too.  To my delight, I've heard him exclaim "Goodness Gracious!" a few times. We're still working on "Golly, mister!"

But what's even better is what I've heard him say unprompted or on his own. Recent favorites include:




BUTTON IT UP, MOM! (The top few buttons on my dress had become undone. It was the way he said it that was so funny.)

This past month he has also been very interested in letters and numbers. I was actually shocked when he pointed to the number on the back of a firetruck and announced "18!" Since when does he know the 'teens? (By the way 8 and 18 are his favorite numbers. They get him really excited.) He also correctly identifies letters and numbers, as he'll say number 7 or letter T.

His sense of humor continues to develop as well. The funniest joke all month was definitely Daddy saying "Sesame Beef" instead of "Sesame Street." Oh man, I never heard him laugh so hard. He loves to repeat this joke :) He loves to replace certain words with other words or nonsense words.


Happy 27 months Killy Billy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011