Friday, October 28, 2011

The Killian Dance

Sometimes I wish I could just start dancing Wanda-Sykes-in-Pootie-Tang style when I'm feeling it. I'm glad Killian doesn't have the same reservations I do.

How do you do the Killian Dance?

Like this. Like this. Like this.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Peekin' (Part II)


Mick scooted himself into the corner. He's a little ninja. He's not yet crawling, but you turn around and he's scooted himself across half the room!

All the boys in the Walker family like nookish spaces.


And wires.


None of these pictures are staged, and by strange coincidence Mr. Penguin is creepily staring at both my kids in both pictures!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Mature Toddlers Only

Killian now has his own snack cabinet!



I was getting really tired of holding Killian up to our cabinets as he rifled through them saying "Hmmm, not this, not this, not this..."

So it's time for this kid to learn how to get his own snacks :)  I'm also hoping this encourages to eat (healthier) snacks on his own.

He was excited to see all of his snacks in one place accessible to him and seems to enjoy helping himself.

I got serious this week about making some changes in the house. (See upcoming post.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cormac at 7 Months


It's a really good thing you don't wish for a baby and then a six-month old baby is magically delivered to you by the stork, because if that's how that worked I'm sure I would have about 17 kids.

I love this age. Mick is always so happy, and all his problems can be solved by picking him up and holding him close or some milk. Wouldn't it be nice if parenting were always so easy.

I love his presence in our house. He provides levity. When our patience is being tried by his two-year old big brother, Mick's smile or a snuggle reminds us to smile.

He is starting to pounce forward into crawling position and rock back and forth a little bit before laying on his tummy.


He loves to play independently and is very interested in exploring new objects in our house.


He loves other kids and loves to people watch too. I was home alone one day with Mick and he was SO happy when Killian's buddy Ashton came over to play for a little bit.

Happy 7 Months Mickster!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It makes me happy.

We caught my little sister Beth cheating while playing the card game "War" when she was four years old. I know that doesn't sound like a proud moment, but we were all impressed she was smart enough to know how to cheat.

Similarly lately Killian has learned how to disagree with us. But the novelty of hearing him express his own emotions and opinions has not worn off.  This is magical to me, even more so than when he learned to walk or other milestones.

The other day Killian was throwing markers from the table onto the floor. Mike asked him to stop and Killian without hesitation said, "But it makes me happy."

Killian repeats a lot of things he hears, but I love hearing new phrases from him that he hasn't picked up from us, just like his "It makes me happy" statement.

Whether it was another cookie or a bedtime story, I used to get Killian to agree and understand to just one more, by saying "This is the last one," while holding out my finger. "Can you say 'this is the last one?'" He would repeat it while holding out one finger, showing he understood, and then there would (usually) be no drama after that story or cookie was done.

Now that trick doesn't work at all. He just squints, shakes his head, and says, Noooo.... NOT the last one.  He's not so easily convinced.

A sentence I hear a lot of these days, as he's attempting something potentially not-so-safe: No, Mommy, it IS safe!  He nods his head reassuringly.

When we headed to church one morning (we've been going to the Unitarian church recently), he exclaims, Nooooooooo, go to Target and Trader Joe's instead!   I really chuckled at that. That's definitely my son whose instinct is to rather go shopping on a Sunday morning instead :)

One of my favorite "tricks" of his:  "What do you want for breakfast?" Chocolate ice cream.  I say incredulously "Chocolate ice cream?!" And then he replies like we twisted his arm, Ok sure. (Don't worry he doesn't trick me that easily.)

Killian loves to demonstrate his individuality.

In other news, Killian is now starting to show the first signs of sibling rivalry - a little jealousy of Mick. I'm not sure what exactly (if anything) prompted it. Maybe the fact that Mick is no longer a little quiet newborn any more, but someone he sees me increasingly playing and interacting with. Lately he will cry Put Mick down! Hold me! Hold me! He really enjoys playing the "Mommy Kitty Kat Baby Kitty Kat" game and I think this role-playing helps. This involves crawling around the floor with us saying "meow," but also finding cozy places around the house for Baby Kitty Kat to snuggle with Mommy Kit Kat. As we cuddle he says, "I'm the baby and you're the mommy." It's his way of getting to be my baby again.

Of course, he will always be my baby.

Happy 28 months Killy Billy!

Trippin' Around Uptown

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Feeding Mick

So you all are going to try to feed me now huh?

We'll see about that.

I don't think so.


No, thanks.

This is what I put up with.

Really, mom?

Are you going to save me from this?

Aw, c'mon, I'm cute!

Let's make a deal, Dad.

How about...

We just smile at each other instead.