Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sh*t Breastfeeding Moms Say

Can you bring me my phone?

Can you bring me my waterbottle?

*feels each breast to see which side is next*

...oh I need to stop doing that in public.

I am SO thirsty.

I feel SO dehydrated.

Other side?

I can't believe I used to be this big! *holds up bra worn during newborn days*

Do they have a mother's room?

Are you serious or are you just playing?

I need a snack.

I am SO engorged!

I am SO hungry.

I need to eat something.

But where will I nurse?

I have to pump!

There's water in the tubes!

Can you bring me my phone?

Can you bring me my waterbottle?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mick at 10 Months



"That's a crazy baby!" as Killian would say. Taking Mick's picture this month was a little bit challenging.




He's just a little bit active.

Only two more months of "babyhood" and then on to "toddlerhood!" Where did my little baby go?

Mick seems eager to join the ranks of a toddler. He loves to climb on things and people. Walk or crawl while pushing large objects. Go down slides. He wants to do much more than he is actually capable of and he gets very frustrated at his physical limitations.

Mick developed bronchiolitus this past month and had an overnight stay in the hospital due to low oxygen levels. Although I was somewhat terrified when the doctor said the words "hospitalization," it actually wasn't that scary. Instead of him sleeping in a hospital crib, I got to sleep with Mick, holding and comforting him all night, in a regular hospital bed.

Mick doing one of his favorite activities at the hospital: destroying a box of tissues. Mr. Doggy has replaced Mr. Broccoli as Mick's favorite stuffed creature.

During his sickness, he was extra cuddly. One of Mick's signature traits to find an area of skin on your (the person holding him) body to place his whole hand, while he is nursing or falling to sleep. Skin-to-skin contact is still very comforting to him.

This is how mick sleeps. His hand has to be touching someone else's skin

His other signature trait is to spin around in circles when he gets excited - like when he gets a text message!

Mick is now pointing, and says, "Mom Mom" and "Da Da." He is really a Daddy's boy.  It was also reported that he said "toes" while playing with someone's toes. Yes, another signature Mick trait - he definitely has a toe fetish.

He loves to "go to school and see Killian." When it's a warm day, we hang out on the playground for awhile and both boys tear it up.

And Mick now has a lot of hair! He's a little pixie.

This year has flown by. I'm going to cherish these last two months of my "baby!"

Did you know?

...that vinegar is the ingredient that makes "Hot & Sour" soup sour? (Maybe that's common knowledge, but I never thought about it until I made it myself.)

...Tempeh goes REALLY well with bacon. (But what doesn't go well with bacon?) I'm guessing the two don't usually get eaten together often, as the demographic of tempeh eaters doesn't have much overlap with bacon eaters. Mike is really good at coming up with dinner on the fly from random ingredients in the house. This was tempeh, bacon, garlic, and spinach. Pretty good.

...that I make a batch of chili or some meat and veggies mixture (like red thai chicken) once a week, eat one serving as a meal, and use the rest as an egg scramble in the morning? This is Sweet Potato & Pork Chili with 2 eggs. Yum.

This whole cooking thing (and cooking real, whole foods) is really growing on me!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cook Cook Cook Cook Cook

This year I wanted to make a point to cook more, especially now that I'm working from home during the day and have the help of a wonderful Mother's Helper a few hours a day (in lieu of sending Mick to daycare). She helps prep meals, dice veggies, and sometimes just goes ahead and cooks the entire meal :)



Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Recipes we've cooked this month:

  • Thai Coconut Milk & Ginger Soup with Shrimp & Mushrooms
  • Ahi Tuna with Mashed Cauliflower
  • Moroccan Style Stuffed Peppers
  • Orange Beef Stir Fry
  • Garlic Roasted Salmon & Brussel Sprouts
  • Sweet Potato and Pork Chili
  • Halibut with Polenta & Mushroom Packets
  • Cauliflower, Lentil, and Chicken Curry
  • Roasted Eggplant with Lamb
  • Crockpot Chicken Tikka (totally my own 4 ingredient recipe, if a jar with a few things in it counts as one ingredient)
  • Ginger Salmon and Bok Choy
  • Spicy Asian Chicken Soup (made that last year, but have a picture of Killian helping me)
  • Tofu Chocolate Pudding (my favorite new recipe discovery!)
I need more recipes! I particularly like Asian recipes, so if anyone has any favorite recipes or food blogs, let me know!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas 2011

Was this really the only picture I got from this past Christmas?

I know it's an awesome photo, but really?

Mick, I am having horrible mom guilt. It was your first Christmas, and it was very special. We spent the night at Papou and Amie's house and had a wonderful, warm, and cozy Christmas weekend.

Daddy and I did take you (and not your brother) and on a very special Christmas bowling outing though and you had a lot of fun.

Sushi & Exploring

At 2.5, Killian is already going to bars and lying about his age.

Well, sushi bars. And sometimes he likes to tell people he's "three" and "in pre-school" (the room next to his at school with kids age 3-5).

When I complained the other day about the winter blahs, I think I was still thinking of Northern VA winters. Winters in NC are pretty mild, and for the most part, I find myself walking around without a coat or just a light coat. So it's not all so bad.

Last night Killian and I went "exploring," one of my favorite activities to do with him (one of my favorite activities period), in which we just walk around exploring nooks and crannies of the city. He wanted to stop in the sushi restaurant and order some sushi. Sushi is the only food he will sit for in a restaurant.

Album Covers



Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Blahs

The next two months are my least favorite months of the year. I feel like there is nothing to look forward to. All the celebration (lights, parties, holiday cheer) abruptly ends on New Years Day. You wake up to... winter. A long stretch of cold and dark. I'm sure I'm affected by seasonal affective disorder.

I went for a brief jog ]on New Year's Day (brief because of the COLD RAIN). I ran past a crew taking down holiday decorations in front of the Duke building. Talk about salt on an open wound.

When the red ornament is gone, there will just be gray.

What do people do to get through the winter?