Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mick at One Year

A few days before his 1st birthday, Mr. One-Year Old took the spoon right out of my hand, as I was feeding him his morning yogurt, as if to say, "Mom, I got this."



I quickly rolled back the carpet in the "living room" to clear a space in a 6 feet radius of him, because I knew the process of him feeding himself probably would be messy.


He is also drinking from a cup now, but because I'm lazy, I let him practice this skill most of the time at school, not at home. Meals are messy enough as it is.


Mick takes steps when it is convenient for him (when he is close enough to an object where it would be easier to walk than to crawl), but crawling is still his default mode of transportation. Speed crawling, more like it. However, there are no concerns about his gross motor skills. His climbing skills are impressive. He crawled into this rocking chair himself.

Turn your back for a second, and he's in the dishwasher.

I would have loved to have an outdoor party or picnic of some sort for Mick's birthday, but March weather can be so indecisive and it's impossible to know if it would be 50 degrees or 80 on a weekend in March, which makes planning very hard. Also, it's smack in the middle of soccer season, which made scheduling for my family very difficult. So we had a little celebration for him at my parent's house a weekend before his actual birthday because that's when my sisters were going to be home for spring break.

Of course, I could not persuade Mick to be interested in his presents. Killian helped Mick out by opening his presents and eating his birthday cake.



Mick was interested in other things. Like my parent's cabinets. And tupperware hats.


And Amie's mouse.

Both Mick and Talia are very interested in each other :) Talia is our sweet little neighbor who is Killian's age.



The following weekend, on Mick's actual birthday, Great-Grandpa came to visit, which was very special. It was a fun St. Patrick's Day weekend.


What I would like to remember from this period in Mick's life...

One of his special characteristics is to put his hand on my arm when he is nursing. He loves to run his hand up and down Mike and my arms when he is falling asleep. He also is in the habit of crawling up to Mike or I, putting his head in our lap or against our leg, and saying "Ahhhhhhh." (I always saw "Awwww!" when he does this, so it didn't take him long to start saying it as well. Except he says, "Ahhh" instead of "Awww.") The other word in his vocabulary is "Uh-oh" which he loves to say when he or someone else drops something.

Mick's hand - always on my arm while nursing

We all can't wait to have more fun and make more memories with this little guy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Free Lunch.

Mick can now drink cow's milk, which means, he is no longer dependent on me for a great portion of his nutrition. I had been looking forward to not having to schedule 2 pumping sessions into my day so he'd have milk while he's away from me at school. (Although since I work at home, it wasn't really a big burden to pump.)

So now I'm no longer pumping (hooray!), but I am finding I am missing my snacks! Those 2 pumping sessions probably put me back 500-800 calories. Calories I replenished with delicious and fun creations with oatmeal or yogurt.

I need some extra help this morning. Coconut pecan peanut butter chocolate cinnamon oatmeal to the rescue.

I don't miss the ravenous hunger though and feeling like I was going to pass out if I didn't eat a mid-morning snack.

For people who say "breastfeeding is free," I can assure you, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, you save money on formula, but I'm pretty sure whatever the cost of formula is, I added to my grocery bill for the past year.

"I want him to stay."

For the first time ever, Killian requested Mick's presence.

Both boys were taking a bath last night after a trip to the park, where they always get dirty and sandy. Mick was getting a little too crazy in the bath tub, so I told him it was time to get out and started to get him out of the tub. Killian protested loudly, "I want him to stay!" ...  Trying not to act too surprised, "You want Mick to stay?... Ok..."  Mick got crazy again, but again, Killian demanded, "I want him to stay!"

He was actually enjoyed his crazy little brother. We've noticed lately Killian likes Mick to chase him. Sometimes when Mick is actually minding his own business, Killian tries to invent foul play. EVERY time Killian poops, we hear him yelling, "DON'T TOUCH MY POOP, MICK!" even when Mick is NOWHERE near him. As far as we know, Mick has never actually tried to touch Killian's poop. He also loves when he gets to tell his little brother what not to do. "No wires, Mick." "No sockets, Mick," he says sweetly.

It gets better!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"He's not used to neighborhoods"

This morning we showed up at my parent's house, but nobody was around when we went inside. I had dropped Mike off at a coffee shop so he could get some work done. So Killian, Mick, and I went for a walk by ourselves around my parent's neighborhood. Killian and I were on foot and I was holding Mick. I realized while we were walking down the sidewalk past all the houses that Killian has no concept of private property. Living in uptown, he is used to being able to walk on whatever grassy areas he sees. Every play structure he has ever seen is a public park. There is little we usually have to say "no" to in regards to walking on or playing with on our walks. He knows the name and location of every sushi bar in a mile radius, but the concept of a private backyard is a new one. So he is finding it very hard to understand why he can't run across these yards, go directly into the backyard, and play with the playsets we are passing by. But we manage to keep on walking.

Until he sees a little girl in a driveway playing with a pink net...on a stick. Killian currently has a "thing" for pink sticks. (That'll have to be a separate post.) A pink stick with a net on it? This was just too much for him. His animalistic instincts kick in and there is no controlling him. He's running up the driveway like a crazy person yelling, "MINE'S! MINE'S!" (Bad grammar aside), this is an extremely embarrassing scene. The mom is outside and is being so sweet and nice about it, asking empathetically, "Oh, is he two? Two and a half?"  Yes. How did you know? He ends up with the pink net and again, animalistic instincts kick in, and he runs out into the street. I invoke the middle and last name calling. "KILLIAN NICHOLAS WALKER! YOU ARE IN THE STREET!" He seems to come back to reality and panics when he realizes he's standing in the street.

I find myself saying, "He's not used to neighborhoods." Then I realize this probably makes absolutely no sense to this lady at all. She has no idea where we live, and it sounds like I'm talking about a wild animal. "He's not used to neighborhoods....?," I'm sure she was thinking, "...where do they keep him?"

Killian. In his natural habitat, he's a lot more reasonable.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Evening Walk

I am such a suburban girl at my core, born and raised in a boring, slightly rednecky town famous for Civil War battlefields and Lorena Bobbitt, that it still makes me a giddy little girl on the inside when I think about the fact that I live in a "city" and when we have nothing to do at night with our kids, going for a neighborhood walk actually means we'll see somewhat interesting things and there are cultural events in walking distance. (And we have a building that lights up like a rainbow to support gay awareness!)

So last Tuesday... we went for an evening walk...

Mint Museum #nofilter

The boys walked and crawled around the Bechtler museum. A police officer gave Killian some coloring books.

Mick cleared a path through all of the pollen on the ground.

The trail ahead of Mick is the first path he cleared through the pollen

Watched a TV crew film a "reality" tv show...

Took pictures of the Duke building (surprise)...

...and walked home, noticing all the trees in bloom.

"It's a rainbow slide! There are baby Care Bears going down it!"


I am going to miss this view SO much!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm a sentimental person. Occasionally I'll peruse our flickr account and walk down memory lane. Sometimes I wonder what pictures we took, say 2 years ago today...

This little boy appeared to me on an album cover displayed on Pandora. I remember seeing this face and my heart skipped a beat and I instantly thought, "Oh my god. We're going to have a dark-haired, dark-eyed little boy." Given my genes, I knew it was entirely possible Greek genes could dominate and I could have a natural born son that looked like this, but at the time, I didn't know if this dark-haired, dark-eyed boy would come to me biologically or via adoption.

The premonition was so strong, I took a screenshot and loaded to flickr so I could someday compare to my future child. (If you don't believe me, click through the image and you will read,
"This photo was taken on March 26, 2010 using an Apple iPhone 3GS"), which was 2 months before Mick was conceived.



When I was pregnant with Killian I also always pictured him light-skinned and light-haired, even though I had absolutely no reason to given the dominance of the Greek genes in my family. I also knew that he hated the sun, was easy-going, but sensitive to the moods of others, and I knew without a doubt from the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test that he was a boy.

Mother's intuition is something huh?

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Grandma and Mick watching the parade

Double fisting on St Patrick's day


Killian actually sat through most of the parade





Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Cormac!










My sweet boy, watching you grow this past year has been a beautiful experience. We have loved seeing you learn and grow and develop your sense of humor and relationships with other people.





We can't wait to learn more about you, Mick. Happy Toddlerhood!