Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012


This cell phone picture represents a momentous milestone.

It is our first time eating out (at a sit-down restaurant - Moe's does not count) as a family of four.

It actually went well. As I've said before, Killian will only sit nicely for avocado sushi. Mick will sit nicely for dates and peanuts (in the form of a Lara bar).


This was after a lovely Sunday afternoon trip to Freedom Park. After Ru'san's, we drove to our new neighborhood, where there was a bike race taking place.

Went to go check out our new neighborhood and BAM! Bicycle race!

And then Killian put on a show. 

Captain America performs

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bye TradeMark

We are moving to the other side of the rainbow (in the direction of where that rainbow is heading).


We have had so many happy memories here as we've watched our babies turn into little boys.






Photographer in training


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day in the life

It's pretty official now: we are moving next week. We are supposed to close on a house in Noda next Monday and we have signed a lease with renters moving into our condo!

School registration for Killian is already around the corner (if he is to attend a public Montessori school when he's 4), so we began the moving process primarily for this reason and I had been somewhat sad about leaving our little space in Uptown and the convenience of walking to places we visit daily. But at this point in the process, I am ready to These boys are only growing, taking up more room, and finding more energy. What's up with that? I am so ready to shoo them out into the fenced backyard and let them have their "water play" (as Killian calls playing with sprinklers). I am also looking forward to a 3rd bedroom, which will be set up for them as an activity room, with their own little table for arts and crafts.

I took some pictures of the boys hanging around the house, so could remember our last few days in our little sanctuary in the city before we have boxes sitting everywhere.

Legos in the morning

Typical: Daddy is more serious about building legos than Killian is.

Why my bed is never made. Killian is allergic to a made bed and dissembles instantly upon seeing a made bed.


View from the bed. Hello sky!

Killian eats dinner.  Mike reads the internet on his phone. Mick wanders.

Mick is in the corner cooking.