Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I'm going outside to smoke."

This morning I was in my "home office" and I just happend to hear Killian say, "I'm going outside to smoke" as he unlocked and opened the front door, going out to the porch in his underwear.

This is why we now have a security system installed, so we'll know when he opens and closes the doors. 

We convinced him to go sit outside in his underwear to smoke on the back porch instead. 

"I'm going outside to smoke."

I guess every kid goes through a pretend smoking phase?  Killian's preferred paraphernalia is a pipe (a black scooper from the kitchen). 

A recent reading of vintage 101 Dalmatians has left him fascinated with smoking pipes. The first page of the book shows the dog owner smoking a pipe....inside the house. We couldn't leave this page for 10 minutes...Why is he smoking inside? Won't the curtains catch on fire? Why is he smoking? What is he smoking? Why is he smoking inside?

A few months ago, Killian was very weary of smokers in Uptown. Anyone standing around a building would be looked at suspiciously. He would squint, Is he smoking?

I can't imagine he would have overheard anyone actually saying this phrase ("I'm going outside to smoke,)", so it's interesting he came up with this from just seeing people smoke outside of buildings. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"It's a Beautiful Day!"


As I mentioned, it's been a challenging month. But Killian never fails to cheer me up. When you are questioning what you are doing and feeling totally ineffective at times, it's nice to see some direct, positive outcomes from your actions.

The following sentences have come out of Killian's mouth this month, all of which I can say he has learned from me.

  • Headed tilted, voice fill of concern and empathy, "Are you having a nice morning, Daddy?" (I often ask him if he's having a nice day.)
  • "I'm going to turn it into a beautiful day!"
  • "It's a beautiful day!"
  • "Home is in your heart." (Ok, he learned that from the Care Bears, but I reinforce it when I ask him.... Home is... where you fart? And he says, No Mommy. Home is in YOUR HEART.)

Thank you, Killian.

And thank you for the wonderful things you have come up with all on your own including:

  • Taking credit for work (construction and architecture) you did not do, including: murals, excavations, houses, buildings, and even the design of the EpiCentre. Here he is saying, "Yeah, I painted that."  He always says it casually, like yeah, the EpiCentre. I designed that. Shrug. It's no big deal.

Yeah, I painted that.

Yeah, that kid. He's my son. He's pretty awesome.

Mick at 14 Months

It's been a somewhat difficult month (thanks to the enormous timesuck that is moving), but also Mick has seemed to have a rough month.

He had another worrisome sickness (fever reached 106 before medication brought it down) and was not happy for about a week straight because of that. But outside of the illness, it seems that often he is not a happy camper. He has started throwing temper tantrums and throwing himself down on the ground when Mike and I don't let him do what he wants... you know, like walk out into the street.

The familiar guilty, panicky thoughts start to cross my mind, everything from "Should I have taken cod liver oil while I was pregnant?" to the more reasonable, "Am I spending enough quality time with him?"

It was very helpful for me to look back and see what Killian was up to when he was 14 months old. Mike and I have had this perception that Killian was an "angel baby," and he really was.  He was easy enough that we were ready for more by the time he was a year old! Killian has always seemed a little more go with the flow. If something doesn't cooperate, he moves on to the next thing usually. Although from my memory, it was not as bad as it is now with Mick, it was comforting to read that we did have our struggles with Killian as well at this same age. It's a reminder that this is a stage and we'll be out of this soon.

August, 2010, I wrote:
Hmmmm...what's new this month with Killian? Oh, yes...temper tantrums!
My little man has opinions. He gets frustrated sometimes when he doesn't get what he wants or when something (usually inanimate objects) aren't co-operating with him. If you hand him something that he does not want, he doesn't just refuse to take the object. Instead, he'll take it from you, just so that he can fling it across the room. While he's wailing of course.
So Mick is a little more opinionated than Killian, which may also just be a phase or may also be indicative of his personality. He has been more vocal about expressing his emotions since birth than Killian was. We didn't have that lovely bonding moment where he started into each others eyes the first time I held him. Instead, the first time I held him, there were just angry cries until I could get my nipple into his mouth! But that's ok. He knows what he wants!


Mick's strong emotions go both ways. I can see how proud of himself he is when he accomplishes something. I can see how much he loves his brother. His face is filled with love when Killian decides to give Mick that rare little kiss on the head.



In early June Mick graduates from the "Infant Room" at school to the "Tots" room. I am very excited for him. All the activities at school seem to keep him very happily engaged and I'm sure the Tots room will further challenge and engage him.

Happy 14 Months Mick!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It Gets Better.

"... I watched the interview and the tears flooded. There is something about hearing your president affirm your humanity that you don't know what effect it has until you hear it. And I think of all those gay Americans over the centuries who never heard that, never believed it could happen. And I have to say I'm immensely proud of this president for doing what he did."

--Andrew Sullivan, NPR, 5/9/2012

It was wonderful to hear Obama's words a day after Amendment One passed in NC. His words brightened a sad day for many people.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You are invited to...

To celebrate Killian's love of reading, we are hosting a Book Exchange party. In lieu of a wrapped gift, guests can bring an unwrapped new or used favorite childhood book. As a parting gift, all children attending can choose a book to take with them when they leave the party.

Saturday, June 9th
5:00 - 7:00pm 
*Burgers will be served, along with some "truffula trees" and maybe some "red fish, blue fish."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kids and their Internet Trends



I don't know why I have two pictures of Killian tagged "planking" on flickr.