Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family Beach Trip!

I'm Killian Walker and I approve of this vacation.

"I'm the man who works here." Killian has some work to do with the hose.

Killian very much approved of our beach trip. He didn't really understand why we had to go home. We had to explain about jobs and bills.

Killian wasn't too fond of the actual beach itself. It was bright, sandy, and the waves were a bit intimidating for him.

His favorite spot was on the steps of the pool.

Vacation! We're 50 ft from the ocean but he won't leave the little pool.

He loved the chill indoor/outdoor pool the most, over the kids "splash ground" area.

K's favorite pool at the Caravelle

Hey, is that the ocean?

Upon first arriving at the hotel. "is that the ocean?"

Mick, on the other hand, loved the beach, especially the ocean.

He would say "whoa" as the waves hit him and he kept trying to go in further and further.



It was so great that Beth, John, and Julie came with us, and my mom came down and spent one day and night.

Julie was working on her handstand all week and mastered it toward the end of the trip. Killian says, "When I was a little girl, I could do a handstand."

Julie's been working on her handstand all week and now has mastered it. Killian: "when I was a little girl, I could do a handstand."

Speaking of when I was a little girl...

K with my beach towel from the 80's, which is kinda grody to the max, know that I think about it. Best part of the story is after he wore it for a minute this morning after getting out of the pool, he said, "It isn't working."

I still have the same towel from my childhood. I brought the towel down to the pool with us one morning specifically to take this "resemblance" picture of Killian. I guess the towel is losing its thread - after a minute, he said, "It's not working."

We learned that the pool and the beach really tires the boys out. During a morning trip to Target for supplies and groceries, Mick put his head down and said, "Night night."

The beach and pool make for very sleepy boys

Killian would voluntarily lay down for a nap.


The highlight of the trip for me was the all-you-can-eat (high-quality) sushi buffet! I wish there was something like this (similarly reasonably priced) in Charlotte (for dinner). Julie had sushi for the first time and liked it!

Highlight of the trip: (really good) sushi buffet.



We picked Myrtle Beach because it was the closest beach to us (driving time wise) and I really wanted to limit the time in the car. The boys did pretty well in the car, considering we left at nap time on the way there and on the way back, and they only slept an hour before waking up when we came to a stop. Before the trip, we spent a Saturday morning cleaning out the van, to prepare for the trip.


I hadn't had a full day off of work (maternity leave does NOT count) since summer 2010. I think the same for Mike. So it was really nice to unplug and just be able to focus solely on the kids and ourselves for a week.

Oh, hey, it's Cinderella.

"Heyyy, Papou. What's up?"

"It's Snow White."

"It's Cinderella."

"I'm going to go to the ball with her."

"hi Papou, what's up?" "It's Cinderella. ... It's Snow White.""

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Ride

I feel a lot better about Mike getting to his new job next week in this:

That's a happy daddy (@fansipans)

as opposed to this: