Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Noda Grand Prix

I came across this cute video of the "Noda Grand Prix" which took place in our neighborhood right before we moved in. We caught some of it actually when we came to visit the neighborhood that weekend. Quite a few scenes take place on our street - right in front of our house actually. I hope they do it again next year, so we can watch from our front porch.

Went to go check out our new neighborhood and BAM! Bicycle race!

NoDa Grand Prix 2012 from La Storia on Vimeo.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Puddles & Biscuit

Yesterday afternoon Killian was "Puddles" and Mick was "Biscuit." Killian came up with this idea a few weeks ago and every now again and he becomes Puddles and changes Mick into Biscuit the dog as well. Aren't they the cutest dog names ever? If you accidentally called him Killian, he will correct you. "I'm not Killian, I'm Puddles."

"I'm not going to take a bath tonight, I'm just going to lick myself clean."

Just two dogs, out for a walk.

Just 2 doggies, named Puddles and Biscuit, out for a walk. (Killian is often decides to be Puddles for a day.)


Killian is still deep in the QUESTIONS phase, and it seems that he is entering the "I'm always right" phase too.

Yesterday at the park, I had mulch covering my knees from kneeling on the ground. Killian said, "Your knees are moldy." I said, "You mean, my knees are mulchy?"

Killian: "Your knees are mulchy. But I was talking about the mold inside of them."

?!  Ohhhhhhh.

Last Night's Gratitude

"I'm grateful for a nice dinner....

and I'm grateful for our evening walk...

and I'm grateful for cleaning my shed (he pretends his closet is his shed, in which he likes to clean and organize his things)...

and I'm grateful for my whole family...

and I'm grateful for YOU!

and I'm grateful for myself."

-The first time I've heard "I'm grateful for myself." Beautiful, Killian.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Eating Paleo is like unprotected sex minus the diseases

I think that title is a fairly apt summary of the paleo diet actually.

I'm browsing through our flickr account to neutralize after waking from a bad dream. But thanks to a gazillion sushi and (home made) pad thai pictures, now I can't stop thinking about food. It also doesn't help that I didn't eat any meat today. Nuts and eggs aren't enough for me today.

Paleo pad Thai w/ shrimp, bell peppers

Pumpkin spice shake (#paleo of course): 2 banana, 3/4 cup almond butter, 3/4 cup pumpkin purée, 1/2 tsp cinn, pinch nutmeg, 7 ice cubes.

Banana Almond-Butter Raspberry Smoothie Treat

And on the seventh day, god said let there be sashimi seaweed sushi. Amen.

Scrambled egg & grape leaves - why haven't I thought of this before?! So good. Another #paleo breakfast

As I look through all these photos tagged "paleo," for some reason (it's the middle of the night and I'm a little loopy probably), I think about a random time a few years ago Mike and I dropped a high-schooler sister off at a high-school party. A kid commented to Mike and I, something about, "Man, sucks being married," which we commented back, "Yeah, it really sucks having unprotected sex all the time."

People who know we've "gone paleo" sometimes scrunch up their nose and say, "Oh... can you eat that?"

At this point, I don't think of eating paleo as limiting or restrictive or that I have to curb my appetite to eat a certain way. A few months into it, I REALLY enjoy not eating shitty food, eating food I love, and feeling REALLY good afterwards. "Yeah, it really sucks eating as much delicious food designed for a human body as I want and then feeling amazingly good afterwards."

(BTW "Eating paleo" to me personally means no sugar, no grains, no dairy,  (no processed food), with the exception of occasional popcorn, sushi rolls with rice, and alcohol, and I still cook with soy sauce and peanut butter.)

Keep Charlotte Weird (thanks Noda)

I love our new neighborhood. Honestly, we probably wouldn't have moved here if this neighborhood didn't feed into a public Montessori school. I'm guessing we would have ended up in the South End/Dilworth area if schools weren't a factor. But I'm so glad we checked out this neighborhood, and I feel like it suits us so well. Any other neighborhood now feels too stuffy.  We love living in a neighborhood with organized studio tours and neighbors with chickens and goats. A recent town hall meeting was populated with Noda residents with "YIMBY!" signs to support affordable housing in our neighborhood. I never even heard of the phrase YIMBY (Yes in my backyard!) until now. It's so refreshing to be in an environment that is so supportive of community-building.

Noda is Charlotte's historic arts district, and when I walk around, I can't help but think of the slogan, "Keep Austin Weird." Many artists live here and it is evident. I love the diversity of houses and yard art. (I've been meaning to take more pictures - future Wordless Wednesday post forthcoming.) I feel like Noda is doing its best to "Keep Charlotte Weird."

Our neighbor William Puckett has done several murals throughout Noda, including the one Killian took credit for ;)

Yeah, I painted that.

Captain America performs


#obama2012 #noda

We've got cute shops...

Woop! Woop! Attention @alexeiffell ! Cute dress alert!

...and a neighborhood theatre, a great venue for music, arts, and community...


Last weekend we went on the a studio tour. Various artists had opened up their studios (mostly in their own homes) for an open house.


Killian had a blast exploring various studios, garages, and cute houses.

Killian loved the studio tour

Super cute house #noda #studiotour

Mike enjoyed some wine.

This is serious business. #noda #studiotour

Mike especially loved the metal working studio.

Drill Press + Brownies = these boys did not want to leave.

Drill press and brownies #noda #studiotour

Hooray for Noda!

Spider sculptures #noda #studiotour

Avocado Sushi Aficionado

We visited a sushi restaurant in our neighborhood (or next neighborhood over) for the first time. I was hoping to find a new sushi place closer to us we could enjoy as a family.

Mike and Beth really enjoyed their meals, but Killian and Mick were not happy campers. We ordered 4 rolls of avocado sushi for the boys to split, and Killian was quick to tell us, "This avocado is not good." I tried it and sure enough, it was rubbery (overripe) and was close to being spoiled. I hardly do this, but sent the remainder of the rolls back and asked for a refund.

On the way home, Killian said sadly, "I'm still hungry. Let's go to Ru'san's now."

The kids took Grandma Maggie and Aunt Madelyn to their favorite restaurant in town.  #nofilter

Killian knows his sushi.

We had a great evening out here with Grandma Maggie and Aunt Madelyn last night.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cold Feet



This was the view from our bedroom in the TradeMark on a rare snowy day. (And I just love that picture of Killian.)

I am really missing the condo right now. Or specifically the energy efficiency of condo living. We never had to turn on the heat there, and it always stayed in the low 70's. It's not the cost that bothers me, but the dryness of manufactured heat. Bleh. Killian and I tossed and turned all night and got up randomly at the same time @ 2 last night, I think because it was the first time we ran the heat in this house. And all day today my feet have been numb, even though I've layered up on socks and soaked my feet in hot water twice. Next I'll try putting my socks in the dryer? And look into buying warmer socks or slippers (for me and the boys)?

Killian always says when he grows up he's going to live in a condo in the city. Although he never explains exactly why he prefers the condo over the house, he told me recently in context of moving from the condo to the house: "That was a bad decision, Mom."

Killian has looked indignant the past few days: "Why is the floor so cold?!"

Sorry, Killian! Maybe after you get into the public Montessori school, we'll move back to the condo!