Friday, December 28, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here's your Christmas card!

I've been loving all the super cute family holiday cards we've received this year! VanFleets - I'm looking at you!

We (let's be honest - I) won't be doing Christmas cards again this year, but maybe come January, I'll do a New Year/Winter card (people do that now, right?)

We also decided last year to stop doing cheesy staged holiday photos.

Any time I even think about putting together a holiday card, I think of that Seinfeld where Elaine has a snafu in her Christmas card photo and snaps, "You want a Christmas card? Here's your f'in Christmas card"!

And of course, that makes me think of this picture from last year....


So, here's your Christmas card! :)  Sorry - I'm not even going to try staging my toddler and 3 year old for photos this year! It would just end up looking like a mockery of all other Christmas cards.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Having his ice cream and eating it too (on a no-nap day)

Hands-down my favorite thing about the boys being home in the afternoon while I work from home has been nap time.

In his pouch/nest for nap

I am so grateful that I am have been able to tuck Killian in during the middle of the day. Sometimes I doze off for a few minutes too.

Naptime. #gratitude

However, I am loving our new arrangement even more. Recently Killian and I discussed that the time seemed right for him to be able to skip his (3 hour) nap, and then go to bed early (6:30).

The past year or so, I have been going to bed the same time Killian does around 9:30 - 10, which means I get plenty of sleep, and I am able to get up early and have the house to myself, but I get zero alone time in the evening with my husband. Which is very lame. So I was very eager to try this new arrangement out.

The first few nights, we didn't even get to finish Killian's bedtime routine before he was passed out in the hallway before 6:30. Easiest bedtime ritual ever. Just as I had hoped my kid would fall asleep! Mike and I finally got some time together in the evening!

Then I realized there were a few events coming up that I wanted to be able to do with Killian in the evening. I told him about these events and explained the only way we could do them is if he took a nap on those days. His answer: no problem. He totally understood, and when I tell him what we're doing that night, he has no issue with taking a nap. He's had enough fun "stay up late with Mom and Dad" nights, that he understands it's worth it.

This totally makes me feel like I'm having my cake and eating it too. I love to have some child-free evenings, but still be able to leave the house with the kids in the evenings if needed too. And I love that we are finally able to discuss things rationally.

So I still get to cuddle with my little boy in the middle of the day sometimes, and if not, I have the pleasure of having the cutest co-working buddy I could ever imagine. He is also at that wonderful age now where he can entertain himself for hours independently. I really love my afternoons with Killian now and watching how he plays and does his work too.

Since K gave up his afternoon nap, I have a new co-working buddy. His work varies each day, but today is centered around a compass and Care Bears.

Killian got his annual Baskin Robbins treat after a doctor's appointment last week (during one of his no-nap afternoons).

The annual trip to Baskin Robbins (after doctor's appt)

Mick & Killian: Current Relationship Status: It's Complicated



My favorite part of the holidays is just chillin'


Me, K, Mick, and hexagon #albumcover


... they look cute in the pictures, but there are no pictures of the fighting. The incessant fighting. Mick knows how to totally unhinge Killian.


Joys and Concerns

This afternoon we had our first Family Meeting. This is something I've known I've wanted to do for a long time. I didn't have anything in particular I wanted to discuss today, but thought it would be good to get in the practice of them, so Killian is familiar with the routine when I do actually have something weighty I'd like to discuss.

Killian seems naturally attracted to anything "official." I didn't even have to explain what a "family meeting" was - he was already setting up the living room, telling me where "the kids" (only him - Mick was napping) were going to sit and where "the grown-ups" (Mike and I) were going to sit.

I didn't think of what format we would follow until we sat down. I stole from what Killian's religious education class at church does: "Joys and Concerns."

Killian volunteered to share his Joys and Concerns first.

"Mick tries to take my car. ... A bit more rambling....  Mick is always trying to take my car, and that is my concern."

Mike and I both looked at each other with big eyes, as he so articulately stated, "...and that is my concern."

(We problem solved about the issue of Mick taking Killian's new cars for a minute.)

When asked if he had any joys to share, Killian said, "Mick's asleep right now, and he's not playing with my cars right now."

This simplicity (black/white opposites) reminds me of a recent "interview" I did with Killian. I can't find the notes right now, but I asked him what his favorite thing to do is. He said, "NOT take a nap."  When I asked him what his least favorite thing to do is, he said, "I already told you. It's to take a nap." (Duh, obviously that's the same question, just re-phrased, Mom.)

I love chatting with this guy.