Monday, February 18, 2013

Gotta say it was a good day





Day off for Mike and I.

Killian had school this morning, and Mick did not.

Special one-on-one time with Mick.



New toys from consignment store.

Mike made mango sticky rice.

Mick saying "mango."

Quiet afternoon.

Nothing to do.

No where to go.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Proof I have the best family ever

Snowmageddon 2013


Mick's first time wearing mittens?

What is, this is? (I think this is Mick's first time wearing mittens?! I love the South.)

It's been 2 years since Charlotte has accumulated snow.

Saturday morning Killian was simultaneously ecstatic that there was snow falling, and deflated when it was "disappearing" (not sticking to the ground.)

We went to Ikea that morning, came home for nap time, and while Killian and Mick were sleeping... two things happened:

1)  A new play area was created


2) SNOW!

It started snowing hard and a couple inches actually accumulated.

Snow on Yadkin Street


It was Mick's first snow!

What a fun day.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Killian gets crafty with candy

Processed sugar and mood-altering food dyes not appetizing? No problem. Valentine's Day candy makes for great sensory play.

Killian came home from school with a bunch of sugary and sticky stuff.  With no desire to eat it, he turned it into a sensory/art activity.

Bwahaha my plan has worked. Killian does sensory play with all the sugary and sticky stuff he came home from school with. No desire to eat the "icky, sticky stuff;" playing with it is more fun. If there was dark chocolate in there, it'd be a different sto


Luckily Killian's picky eating habits has meant he has never had a desire to eat candy.

Dark chocolate, yes.

As he helped me make Daddy's Valentine treat last night, he definitely enjoyed a little raw dark chocolate. 

Orange you glad to have an excuse to eat chocolate today?

Orange you glad to have an excuse to eat chocolate today?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

comfort from my future self

"January, the month of new beginnings and cherished memories, beckons."

This past New Year's Eve, while Mike and Killian were at their first movie together, I got nostalgic (as often prompted by New Year's), and for whatever reason, decided to open up my "daily" file from 2006.

The past, wow, 10 years, I have been "journaling" in a text file. (I have a text file for each year.)  In the beginning (2004), this mostly just consisted of jotting down a few things that happened that day, but over the years, it has become more introspective.

I have scanned or searched for specific things in my "dailies" from previous years, but this particular evening, I sat down and READ the entire file, getting totally sucked into my life in 2006...

...And it was very strange. All of a sudden I was re-living memories and feelings, and many details that I'm sure I would have lost had I not written them down.

Several things young 24-year old Mary said really made me laugh out loud and the contrast to my current life couldn't be greater. Such as,  "I don't have time to cook." LOOOOOOL. I have so much less free time now, but cook infinitely more.  My old eating habits were also totally cringe-worthy (and I had no idea how bad they were at the time) and read like a commercial for the paleo diet. "I eat processed food all the time and I wonder why I have no energy and have to rely on espresso to get me through the afternoon?"

But what was really interesting is how therapeutic I found reading it to be. In 2006, I was 24 and had just moved to Charlotte with Mike the year prior. I was working for Wachovia as a "project manager," and still experiencing culture shock in Corporate America having only "professionally" worked for the federal government previously. Implication: the federal government operates a lot less professionally.  I had a lot of anxieties - many related to being so young and female and trying to establish myself at work. (In contrast to Bank of America, I found Wachovia to be very much a "good 'ol boys" hierarchy.)

It was healing in a way because I was simultaneously re-living all the hurts, woes, and anxieties of 24-year old Mary's life, but also comforted by 30-year old Mary, whose existence I seriously probably could not have even conceived of at 24. Although I certainly have current woes and anxieties, the problems I had as a 24-year old are no more. It was as if 24-year old Mary met 30-year old Mary and she said, "See? It gets better!"

In the days after reading this file, when experiencing daily frustrations, I wished I could turn to 36-year old Mary. I would try to imagine what she'd be like and what she'd have to say. I'm sure it will be, "See? It gets better!"

By the way, my "dailies" habit has been one of the best habits I've ever started. Those files are a precious resource of history and insight. I very much recommend brain dumping into a text file and/or recording significant events, because some of those "significant" events become quite fuzzy years later. I sure wish I had started as a teenager - but then, I'd have to burn those files probably.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

things he said I remembered to write down (Killian edition)

Silly, but Endearing and Thoughtful

I was hanging out near the bathroom when Killian was taking his "shower bath" and I witnessed an impressive maneuver after he announced, "I have to pee!" He managed to pee into the toilet without actually leaving the bath tub.

I remarked, "Wow, it must be nice to have a penis."

He immediately paused, looking thoughtful and replied, "It must also be nice to be a girl and not have a penis."

I was really amazed by how thoughtful that statement was, and instead of just replying, "yep!" he understood the implications of that statement.

Problem Solving

Me, talking through his decision of doing a no-nap day: "What happens if you get cranky later this afternoon?"

Killian: "I'll come to you, and you'll give me a hug, and that will make me not cranky."

Grammar Nazi

" 'No nothing' means something was there. " (Neither Mike or I taught him about double negatives yet, but somehow he picked up on this.)

Kinda Creepy: What he is doing in the backyard when he DESTROYS a box with a hoe, seriously whacking it with full force for a full 15 minutes

"I defeated Maleficent,  and I turned her into a box. She can't harm anyone now."


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mick at 22.5 Months

I know! I just wrote a post for Mick. But since then, Mick has started some new habits I just have to document.

He has consistently starting using 2-word phrases, instead of just one-word, and talking in more phrases, articulating, and enunciating more in general.

His sense of humor is developing as well. Lately when he asks to nurse, he will say, "Nurse?" and if it is the second time that day, he will playfully smile and shout, "AGAAAAIN?!"  (He learned that from me of course, because I would playfully say, "Again?!" at his requests.)

Somebody (not me) taught Mick how to say "CHEESE" when I get out my camera.

Somebody taught Mick how to say "cheese."

Mick has a new love for "Nooks." He loves finding nooks. No stripper jokes about this picture please.


I did get to take Mick to his "1st" (since babyhood) visit to Discovery Place. He was pretty reserved. It could be because he was somewhat under the weather that morning. He took one look at the packed toddler room (with water play, etc) and shook his head and walked away, saying "animals" instead. I had told him we'd see animals at Discovery Place. He loves fish.

Mick at Discovery Place! Fishies!

Hmmmmm, this is kind of trippy.

Mick's like, hmmm, this is kind of trippy.

But he loved throwing newspaper up up up.


Our new daycare arrangement is going so well. Mick and Mike have their routine down in the morning. I get to spend one-on-one time with Killian in the morning after Mick and Mike leave, while taking him to (and from) school each day, and during the afternoon. When Mick comes home, it is Mick time! Mike can catch up with Killian, go to Smelly Cat or spend some special time together, and I can especially focus on Mr. Mick. His new favorite game with Mom is playing "Airplane" and "Bumpy Bus."

There has been a lot more peace in the house between the boys, but they still have the occasional fight for Mom's attention of course. It's funny how they won't share me (or my lap) for any reason, other than to go for a "car ride," which is each boy on each leg, and we drive over different terrains, experiencing bumps, winds, animal sounds and smells, etc on the way. It's a very bumpy ride.