Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Killian's First Circuit Board


K builds his first circuit board

Copying Mike's comment from instagram:

Killian was almost frozen with joy when I told him tomorrow we'd make a musical instrument we can control by waving our arms & fingers around! Then he just did the robot dance for a few minutes around the room.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Video: Family Meeting

We (obviously) take a lot of pictures of the kids, but I've been bummed our video taking has been pretty lacking. I'm going to try to get better about that (not only taking them, but storing them appropriately to be accessed later), so we can remember the kids' voices and mannerisms at these ages.

This weekend I filmed our "Family Meeting." Killian is the one who reminded us to have a Family Meeting this week - he really enjoys them. They are more "productive" when Mick is napping. But this scene with Killian acting very official throughout the family meeting (lots of nodding), and Mick walking about, acting like a 2 year old, is something I know I'll want to remember :)

I love how Mick's contribution to the family meeting is walking and just replying, "Yeah!" when we asked him if he liked his birthday party the day before.

I also uploaded a video of Killian from October after he had finished cleaning and organizing his room. He was really excited to talk about his room. I can't believe how much he's grown up since just October. His voice has already "grown up" a bit.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mick's Rainbow Party


Mick was SO happy during his birthday brunch this morning. He was smiling constantly, and was happy to see each and every person there. He walked through the house smiling and saying "Hi!" to everybody. I've never seen a little boy in a better spirits :) Later he re-capped who was there, saying, listing everyone and saying, "Henry here. Amie and Papou here," and so on.





Mr. Smiles!





Rebecca, Mick, and red balloon @agmimusthev

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Mick!




I've loved watching that sparkle in those eyes grow and grow these past two years!






Lately I have just been consumed by Mick's sweetness. He is so warm and sincere, when I interact with him, I am really struck with that "pure goodness" of which children are made.

His greetings and hugs are the most enthusiastic and genuine I have ever experienced. I'll never forget, while we were driving to the ER one night to make sure his breathing was ok, when I turned around to look at him in his car seat, even with his fever, he greeted me with his signature enthusiastic "Hi!"

Since his last "22.5 month" update, he has moved from 2-word phrases to talking in short sentences. "What was that?" We love hearing him communicate. Recently he overheard Mike say, "it's difficult to say - like rural," and then Mick promptly clearly pronounced "Rural" better than the two of us.

He loves colors and he loves to eat, so it made sense to plan a rainbow-themed brunch for Mick's birthday this year. He hasn't entered the picky eating phase of toddlerhood yet, and Mike and I love being able to share all the food we cook with him.


Mick and his markers

Red wand is one of Mick's favorite toys right now.


The boys are starting to play more together. Mick is always up for playing with Killian. He frequently offers to share with Killian, insisting even when Killian rejects what he's sharing. He recently started to share his half eaten avocado sushi pieces to Killian, to my surprise at first, Killian would gladly accept.

Taking a nap in the castle

My little superheroes


This morning Mick started off the day with a lot of color.

Monday morning

Happy Birthday, sweet Mick! Welcome to the 2's!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Killian & Woo

"It's ok, Mr. Woo..."




Killian and Mr. Woo's interactions have been really sweet lately.

One morning this past week, Killian banged his head. I came into the room to console him, and kissed him on the head for a moment. Mr. Woo approached Killian from a nearby piece of furniture, leaned towards Killian, and then also kissed Killian's head in the same exact spot I just did!

I don't think it was a coincidence! Killian had a big smile on his face when I realized Mr. Woo was kissing him. He knows Mr. Woo loves him very much.

Killian frequently admonishes us all to not "scare Mr. Woo! You have to be very quiet and gentle with him." He will say this to me, even if I walk into my closet, which is one of Woo's favorite hiding places.

Mick loves Woo just as much, and although Mick really isn't getting any better about the "quiet and peaceful" approach (not running at Woo full force), Woo is pausing to let Mick pet him once or twice before he scurries off.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013