Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another question for my design nerd friends

I hate being in my kitchen. It feels very cavelike to me with its lack of natural light and dark and oppressive cabinets.

This picture doesn't do the darkness justice. 


We are planning on taking the all-enveloping cloud of darkness down and replace it with open shelves, like below:

More pictures of the no cabinet look: http://gallery.apartmenttherapy.com/photo/socarras-bigelow-house-tour/item/386064

Cabinets are so last century, right?

We know this would also force us to toss/donate/store in a more appropriate place all the random shit in our cabinets, and force us to only display (like the saying) only what is useful or makes us smile.

Thoughts? Is this something we will regret when we go to sell or rent the house?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Invitation: Killian's 4th Birthday Party

Please join us in celebrating Killian's 4th birthday at a "Magical Monkey Beach" Party.

When: Saturday, June 15th, 4-6pm
Where: Walker Residence 
What: Caribbean fare, water play, and magic!

Legendary "Pa-poof!" (Killian's very own Papou) will be performing a magic show!

In lieu of a gift, please bring a new or used unwrapped children's book for a book exchange.

Please RSVP by Saturday, June 8th.

Hope to see you there!

Summer is ready when you are...

One of my favorite things on the earth is the strong, overpowering, glaring in-your-face sun of summer afternoons.


#sunset at the park

Time seems to slow down a bit in these moments.


#summer #weekend

And finally.... Words of wisdom from Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh Hey

We are soon to have a 2 and 4 year old! As Mike says, we are getting "over the hump," but he still feels like he's "getting punched in the balls on a regular basis." As Killian says these days, "That's just an expression!"

At 26 months, Mick is deep into the "I DO IT!" "I DID IT!" "MICK DO IT!" phase, where we are often  closing front doors and car doors just so he can open them again himself. I noticed lately he is using correct verb tenses, so that's a pretty big deal. (Oh, and he's pretty much potty trained - woohoo!)

Sushi picnic

A month before his 4th birthday (my mind spins every time I say that), Killian is at my favorite age. I've been saying that every month for the past year.

People always tell me what beautiful girls I have.

His love for reading is still strong. He is really into chapter books lately. I was a little giddy to start reading him The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

So excited to read the Chronicles of Narnia to K

The boys are both particular about "Mommy" doing certain things for them (Mick: MOMMY DO IT!, Killian: MOMMY CAN'T DO EVERYTHING, MICK!), but Killian really only likes to talk to Dad about science. Dad's answers are always better than mine and sometimes involve a demonstration of how tidally locked orbits actually work.

Last night @ 10:30, Mike was explaining tidally locked orbits to Killian. Killian was the sun, Mike was the moon. But what Killian really knows is that if he asks his dad about science, he'll get to stay up late.

It's May 2013! Cheers to a 2 and almost 4 year old little boy!