Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brothers at Play

Some of our friends and peers have kids around 4 years apart. When I see their kids together, sometimes I feel some jealousy as I think, "How cute... And I bet the 4 year old doesn't get into fights with the 8 month old and vice versa!" Sometimes I wish we were warned about how difficult it can be to have kids close in age. Or maybe we were warned... so I wish we had paid more attention. The fighting between our two boys is with no doubt the most stressful and challenging part of parenting right now.

So when the boys play nicely together, it is more than a big sigh of relief. It really soothes our souls.

And that is why I love this photo of this interaction between Mick and Killian so much.


I have been loving the interaction between the boys lately when they play together (which is more often these days). They do a lot of imaginary play, with Killian mostly devising the rules and telling Mick to do. "I'm the Daddy and you're the kid." Mick goes along with it all, saying "Okay." I can just tell here that Killian is getting Mick on board with the plan.

Here they are playing "waiting room." They mastered the bored and disinterested look.

They are playing "waiting room." They seemed to master the bored and disinterested look.

Both boys were saying, "This is a yoga pose!"

"This is a yoga pose!"

They do a lot of parallel play too.

Hanging out

I love that they play with my childhood toys.


Their latest toys: the long-lusted after firetruck and crane.

Parallel truck play #fromabove

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Killian's Magical Monkey Beach Party

(Two weekends ago) Killian had a fantastic 4th birthday party!

He chose the theme of "Monkey Beach" and because Pa-Poof! (Killian's Papou) performed a magic show, it became Magical too!
Killian had a magical monkey beach 4th birthday party.

Pa-Poof! put on a seriously great show.

Mick is thinking, "Wow!"


Beth made the best looking and best tasting cake I have ever seen and tasted. Killian was shy when it came time to sing and blow out the candles (he asked me to blow them out), but he loved the cake! Later he told me it was his favorite part of his day.



There was water play of course.


The teenager hammock:
The birthday party setup crew

We concluded the day with an interview. At age 4, Killian's

  • Dream Job is: construction worker (the strongest one)
  • Favorite Color: purple and pink
  • Favorite Activity: Legos
  • Favorite Food: Avocado Sushi

An interview with Killian on his birthday

Welcome to 4 Killian!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Growing Up


This past week I've reflected on how much my little man has grown and how much my man has grown as a dad. Love ya Mike Walker and Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12th, 2013

Killian has known the date of his birthday for quite some time. He recently picked up the year of his birth (2009), because I had been mentioning it when I tell him the story of my pregnancy with him and his birth, which he requests often at bedtime.

We had been using his 4th birthday as a deadline for him to start/stop a particular habit. I realized this was a mistake when the first words out of his mouth this morning were "It's not my birthday!" (even before I could say "Happy Birthday", which means it was already on his mind). I realized we had been giving him anxiety about his birthday because we had tied it to this deadline. I then realized having an arbitrary deadline was silly, and he is making progress on his own without the deadline, so I decided then and there to take back the deadline. I wanted him to be able to enjoy his birthday! (And ironically after I had taken back the deadline and told him he could do it when he was ready - he did it on his own later that day under his own terms. Parenting lesson learned!)

So he was shy in the morning about it being his birthday, but once it sunk in that I wasn't going to hold him to that deadline, he lightened up. And of course going out with his Aunt Tina and Beth put him in a birthday spirit too. He had requested about a month ago we go to Cowfish for lunch on his birthday, but the morning of, Cowfish called to say they were closed for lunch due to emergency construction.

So I offered other choices: "Rusans, Miyagi's, or one of the fancy sushi restaurants in Uptown we've never been to before?" and he opted for the latter.

Killian had fun walking through Uptown with Beth and Tina...

Playing "1,2,3" and getting spoiled by his aunties on his birthday



At lunch, he opened up presents from Tina and Beth - chapter books! Peter Pan and Black Beauty!


After lunch, we visited an antique mall, Sleepy Poet, with Tina and Beth, to look at vintage dresses. Killian was excited to look at old phones.


Resting while Tina and Beth try on dresses:

As I type this, Killian is taking a much needed nap with his Aunt Bethie.

We are looking forward to his Magic Monkey Beach party this weekend!

Happy 4th Birthday, Killian!

You have brought so much light, joy, and happiness into our lives.


I love stopping to look at the clovers with you.


This year was good. This year was fun. Tomorrow starts another one!

Happy Summer! #drseuss

Love you to the moon and back again.