Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of Montessori School

Killian's first day at Montessori school seems like it has been in the works for so long, dating back until when we toured all 3 of Charlotte's public Montessori schools in early 2012, and then began a search for a home based upon the walk zones for the 3 schools.

The best news I received all year was his acceptance letter this spring. Since then, any communication I receive from the school would make me emotional. Killian didn't love the school he attended this summer and had said several times, "I wish I could go to Montessori school now." He has had favorable impressions of Montessori ever since he visited a classroom just before he was 3. He loved all the tools and manipulatives he was able to use.

Highland Mill Montessori's logo:

A couple weeks ago I was watching Montessori "elevator pitches" on youtube sponsored by Montessori Madmen. Hearing actual students share their enthusiasm and seeing scenes of kids so engaged and happy was making me tear up!

Last week Killian visited his classroom at his open house and was so interested in all of the materials.

It's finally here! Killian starts #Montessori school!

Today was finally the day! I asked him if we could stop to take a picture, and he was a little embarrassed, and asked if we could wait until the moms (all noticing that it was his first day of school and making "awww" faces) finished walking by, but he humored me and said "cheese." Then he told me, "We should have done that at home, Mom," which is definitely something a kid in elementary school would say!

Oh my gosh. Tearing up again now!  Is it 4:15 yet? I can't wait to hear about his day.

First day of elementary school.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Resemblance (Siamese Dream)

It's like I've known those faces my whole life... or at least since '93.

Siamese Dream was released when I was 10 years old. It is my favorite "childhood" album. I spent a lot of time staring at this album cover and obsessing over the font in the album art.

Sometime this year I came across the album art (20 years later) and realized these are my boys.

Sometimes I feel like I've known those faces since 1993... #favoritechildhoodalbum #albumcover #siamesedreamis20yearsold!

I'll be staring at these faces for the next 20+ years...


From Above (II)

Monday morning


Saturday morning #fromabove


After school painting party


Backyard painting #fromabove

Don't just stand there...






We caught him singing, "The party don't stop till I walk in..."  (Thanks summer camp.)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skyline Caverns

We completed our first successful road trip! (Well sorta. Mike, Mick, and I completed our first successful road trip. It was successful because Killian was traveling with another family - thanks Mom and Dad!)

More on that later. But while on our trip to Northern Virginia, we had to make a stop at Skyline Caverns. Not so much for the kids (although they were definitely into the cave), but really to stoke my own nostalgia.

I'm the one kissing my Dad.

My Dad loved to bring visitors to Skyline Caverns, so we came here often as kids. I can't believe my parents came here on my little brother's due-date! Two days after this picture was taken, Michael was born in May 1987.


So of course it was fun to experience the same memories, but with my own kids.


Mick was overdue for a nap, but was a trooper. He stayed in our arms during almost the whole tour. Mike wants me to mention the tour was over a mile of walking with a greatest depth reached of over 250 ft.


Family cave selfie

I don't remember being allowed to take pictures when I was there last in the 80's and 90's, but you can now. I definitely wouldn't have wasted precious "film" back then because it's really hard to get a decent picture of course.



Good Times!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tina's Farm & Lake Lure

I always say the boys could use a day on the farm. Last weekend we all had a much needed day in the dirt, sand, and sun at a farm and Lake Lure, in the Asheville area. It was a 2 hour drive.

Tina is interning at Hickory Nut Gap Farm, which sells high-quality meat and other goodies.
The only way it should be...

Tina lives in a house on top of a scenic hill overlooking the farm.
Tina gets to drive a golf cart around the farm.
We picnicked...

Enjoyed some apple cider pops...

Checked out the stream..

It wasn't long before Killian was naked and dancing by the stream.
There was lots to see and explore...

The highlight of the farm had to be the epic industrial pipe slide. I thought Mick would be afraid, but no... he was soon going down head-first!
Epic industrial pipe slide at "Tina's farm"



The inside of the industrial pipe slide

After the fun at the farm, we went swimming at Lake Lure. The whole area was incredibly beautiful.

Tina and Killian in Lake Lure.  A much needed day in the dirt, sand, and water.

Since we didn't take a beach trip this year, I was happy the boys got some sand castle and digging time.

Afterwards we ate at a Mexican restaurant across the street from the Lake, which was great for the kids too.

We'll be back!