Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I had me a vision / There wasn't any television (and there was reading books and playing with Legos instead)

During the multiple snow days and then sick days, Killian overdosed on TV which lead to him forming addictive behaviors regarding TV and very defiant behavior when we tried to agree to setting reasonable limits regading TV usage when we returned to our regular routine. After several days of conflict, going cold turkey on screen time last week and getting rid of our TV/computer monitor used to watch Netflix completely fixed the issue. We've been TV-free for a week and his mood has improved considerably. Last night he said something that reminded me of how much sweetness he has.

At bedtime, I usually ask him what his favorite part of the day was. Last night, he said, "You." (An answer he gives frequently.)

I was silly and said, "Me?! What like, my nose?"

He said, "Actually, the Nose Tree. Yes, the Nose Tree story was my favorite part of the day."

(I have been excited to read him this story found in a vintage Fairy Tale collection that my mom read to me when I was young, and I recently found on the internet.)

Moments like these and his happiness and excitement over new books is always such a nice reality check to put down (or get rid of) the screen and get back to the simple things that children need for emotional well-being and to foster strong connections.  (Of course, easier said than done when they are home from school for several days and you are also expected to work!) But in general, we're looking forward to more of "back to the basics:" books, free play, and outdoor time.

Also, after an evening of conflict with Killian about the TV, I watched this TED Talk after he was in bed, and totally had a Poltergeist-get-the-TV-the-F-out-of-my-house moment and physically removed it:

Skatepark Sunday

Toddler Urban Exploration

 Waiting for the trains

Hey, Dad and Killian, come check it out, we discovered a skate park.
 Daddy Action Shot

Daddy Action Shot Close-Up
 Falls like a pro

 Killian taking on some ramps

 Mick taking on ramps
The difference between a 4 year old and 2 year old

Friday, February 21, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter 2014 Blues

I had really been looking forward to more fun on the beach this weekend. We had such a wonderful trip to Florida to visit Oma and Richard after Christmas, we booked our flight to return the night we got back. After receiving 7 inches of snow earlier this week and the city and roads basically shut down, we were worried the weather might impact our trip this weekend. Saturday morning came, and the weather was fine, but Killian awoke with a fever, coughing, shallow breathing and vomiting!

He was in no shape to travel this morning, and at 7am, Mike and I made the decision I would stay with Killian, and Mike and Mick would go. Mike and Mick will return Wednesday afternoon and will be gone 5 days and 4 nights. I have never been away from a child that long, and was somewhat emotional this morning. (I can't even remember the last time I spent 4 nights away from Mike! When we were in the process of moving to NC and I finished up my last week of work in VA?) But my emotions were tempered with knowing how excited Mick is about this trip (I've never seen him more excited for anything and he has talked about Florida daily since we got back on New Year's Eve!), how close Mike and Mick are, and how happy he'll be to see Oma and Richard. I think everyone will do just fine. Killian is relieved to have some "Killian and Mommy time." Quite frankly, Mick has been driving Killian crazy the past few days, while they've both been home from school on their "snow days." I'm looking forward to having some special time with K, and having some down time myself when Killian goes back to school this week.

This winter has been rough in our house. During the frigid zero degree weather we had in January, we discovered we have NO insulation underneath our house. I couldn't keep my feet from going numb, even with the thickest socks and shoes on. We had foam insulation installed immediately, which solved the freezing house issue, but then had toxic fumes in our house for a week. We had to spend the night at my parent's house in Mooresville and commute into Charlotte each morning in rush hour traffic. Then several days of no school and trying to balance work + kids, sickness, and throw in a day of no running water due to frozen pipes, I am so ready for this winter to be over. I know this has been an exceptional winer, but I have definitely considered not living in NC for a few months every year once the kids are old enough to home-school.