Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Years!


Can I get a twerk, twerk, bounce,  bounce, clap, clap ... Girl Talk was off the hook tonight



Mike has made every birthday my best ever. Enjoyed our run at Jetton Park yesterday. @fansipans

Daaaaaaaate niiiiiight

bonded over indie bands
had me at supply & demand

streets of DC, ESL
late night outings and eating well

charmed by fansipans and skrlnkbrzrkr
you became my best friend & partner

shared haikus over IM chats
totally got married
with no drama or spats

moved to the 'burbs, bought a house
but it's still a rat race
so let's move south

had a baby!
life changed fast
shifted perspective
and saw that the world was vast

made it a year!
let's do it again!
little did we know
what lie ahead

two under two
but we made it through
nothing that weekly date night
cannot undo

ten years, five homes, two kids later
I know what's ahead is even greater.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Mike Walker! Love you.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Killian's "Celebration of Life" Story to be shared in his Montessori class

Killian was born was June 12th, 2009, in Charlotte, North Carolina.


 His whole family was so happy to meet him.


Killian was very calm and peaceful when he was born, and alert. He stared at me with great interest and curiosity when I talk and sang to him.


Killian's birth was anticipated by many. He was the first grandchild born on both his mom and dad's side of the family. On his mom's side of the family, "The Economous," Killian had 7 aunts and uncles waiting to meet him when he was born.










Killian was a very happy baby and from an early age, loved to be silly, have fun, and laugh!


When Killian was a baby, we moved to Uptown, and lived in a high-rise condo.


 He enjoyed being able to walk to most places and explore the city.




When Killian was a toddler, he developed a love for avocado sushi. Since he was 2 years old, he has loved visiting different sushi restaurants in town for his favorite meal.



Killian sushi date

The kids took Grandma Maggie and Aunt Madelyn to their favorite restaurant in town.  #nofilter

When Killian was almost 2 years old, he became a big brother to his baby brother, Cormac or "Mick."



Mick has always adored his big brother, Killian, and loves any opportunity to spend time with Killian and play with him.

  Mick cracking up laughing at Killian pushing him :)

Since Mick was a baby, he has liked to do what Killian does.




Killian became a very sweet older brother, and is happy to help Mick.


When Killian turned 3, we moved to a house in the neighborhood, Noda, so that Killian could attend Highland Mill Montessori school when he was 4. His Aunt Beth began to live with us, while she attended college. Killian enjoyed being able to spend extra time with his Aunt Bethie. While he sometimes missed living in Uptown, Killian loved having a backyard and backyard swing.

  Killian is lucky to have an Aunt BethieI need to get this kid a skateboard.

Killian attended a wonderful pre-school called, "Plaza Presby" when he was 3, where he made many great friends, and had a lot of fun in Ms. Tippi's class. When he was 4, he was definitely ready and excited to start Montessori school!

  First day of elementary school.

On nice days, Killian enjoys riding his scooter to school, and playing after school at Clemson Park. Killian has really enjoyed his first year at Montessori school.

Savoring the last few days of pre-k. So grateful for this past school year.

The past few years, two hobbies of Killian have remained strong: reading and art.

Since he was a baby, Killian loved being read to, and could be found reading to himself in all different kinds of places.


Rainbow reading nook

..anywhere and everywhere...

Killian enjoys his new book


Wrapped up in books

My little boy

Since the moment he could hold a pencil or paintbrush, Killian has also loved to create art.

Killian made cupcakes for his class for Valentine's Day by tracing his fist and coloring in the wrapper and frosting. Not sure if they're totally recognizable as cupcakes(?), but they were cute enough for me to want to save them in digital form.


Monday morning




Saturday morning #fromabove


Killian also enjoyed taking an art class after school at the Y this year at school.

Art program at the #noda Y.

Killian is now ready for summer and is excited to be turning 5! He is looking forward to spending time at the pool, more time with his family, and having more time to play at home and in the backyard.

Ready for the pool!

Happy 5th Birthday, Killian!