Sunday, May 21, 2017

“God’s Hat” from A Bucketful of Dreams by Chris Buice

Once upon a time, there as a village with a road that went straight through the

center of town.

One day, something strange happened.

God walked down the road … and she was beautiful! She wore a long flowing

robe and on top of her head there was a wonderful hat.

All the people stopped to stare at God as she walked by, and they kept staring

until she disappeared in the distance.

“Boy, God sure was beautiful!” said one man. “And what a beautiful blue hat she

had on.”

“Yes, God was beautiful,” said a woman from the other side of the street, “but it

wasn’t a blue hat she was wearing. It was a red hat!”

“You are wrong,” said the man. “It was definitely a blue hat!”

“No, you were wrong,” said the woman. “It was definitely a red hat.”

As the two argued, others joined in the dispute. Soon the whole village was

arguing. All the people on one side of the road were certain that God was

wearing a blue hate. All the people on the other side of the road were certain

that God was wearing a red hat.

People got mad and started screaming at each other.

Finally, the people got so angry that they decided to build a wall that went

straight down the center of the town. From that point on, the people on one side

of the wall were enemies with the people who lived on the other side of the wall,

and they never spoke to each other.

On one side of the wall, the people built a church where they worshipped a God

that wore a blue hat. On the other side of the wall, the people built a church

where they worshipped a God what wore a red hat.

Many years passed, and the people were still enemies. Then one day, God

came walking back through the village.

She was smiling and balancing on top of the wall that the people had built many

years ago. This time she was wearing no hat at all.

All the people ran to the wall and cried, “You must settle our argument!”

“Yes,” said one man. “The people that side of the street say that when you

walked through the village many years ago, you were wearing a blue hat! But we

know better. We know you were wearing a red hat. So tell us, God, what color

was your hat?”

God looked puzzled for a moment and began to scratch her head in thought.

“I think I remember walking through this village many years ago,” said God. “And

on that day, I believe I was wearing my hat that is blue on one side and red on

the other.”

And saying nothing more, God continued walking down the wall until she

disappeared off in the distance.

It was very quiet for a moment. Suddenly there was the sound of one child

laughing. Then another child started laughing and another. Soon the whole

village was roaring with laughter. Everyone was laughing because they realized

how foolish they had been. As the sound of laughter grew louder and louder, the

wall began to shake and crumble until, finally, it came tumbling down to the


For many, many years after that day, the people told the story of God’s hat, and

how laughter had torn down the wall between a divided and foolish people.